This Solar Panels Can Be Printed Like Newspapers 


Australian scientists from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) have created flexible solar panels that can be printed like newspapers. These thin solar panels highlight the main feature of being lightweight and flexible. The scientists have used “solar ink” to make these semi-transparent solar cells.

This innovative technology tries to achieve a new record for efficiency by fully roll-to-roll printed solar cells. These are printed on thin plastic films with the promise to expand the possible applications of solar energy. Let’s find out what makes this innovation unique and creative.

Amazing features

CSIRO’s thin and lightweight solar cells are now on the cusp of emerging from the lab to create clean energy in the real world…We’ve solved several engineering problems to achieve record results across a large surface area of interconnected modules.”

Group Leader, Dr Anthony Chesman

Since these perovskite solar cells are printed on plastic films, they are lightweight, highly flexible, and portable. Unlike the conventional silicon solar panels, which are more rigid and heavy, the new ones can move easily. This is because of the thin lightweight nature. Also, they can be easily transported anywhere under the sun.

Roll-to-roll printing

Manufacturing Solar Panels
Image source: CSIRO

This roll-to-roll printing method allows large-scale production. Additionally, it can print the solar cells on very large, continuous plastic sheet rolls, which increases the production rate. In the meantime, it is predicted that the successful commercialization of the product allows to creation of potential environmental and economic benefits.

Wide range of applications

With this revolutionary technology, new applications can be used to open up practical uses. For example, mining operations, urban construction, disaster relief, emergency management, space, and personal electronics.

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