This planet is 50% Bigger Than Jupiter But As Fluffy As Cotton Candy

This Planet is as Fluffy as Cotton Candy But 50% Bigger Than Jupiter

A set of astronomers found a new planet outside our solar system. They named it WASP-193b. It’s 50% bigger than Jupiter but as fluffy as cotton candy and, it is considered the second-lightest planet found yet.

It made so many discussions among the astronomers because of these special attributes. Let’s dive into WASP-193b and find out more fascinating facts about it.

wasp 193b planet
WASP -193b Planet
Image Credits: Nasa

A Newly Found Planet

Wide Angle Search for Planets (WASP) found this planet. The new planet is located 1,200 light years away from the Earth. It is a surprisingly bigger planet. It’s 50% bigger than Jupiter, which is the biggest planet in our solar system. Scientists have named it WASP-193b. 

What is big, with a fluffy, cotton candy-like composition? Turns out, a planet.


Puffy Jupiters

Even though it is a giant planet, scientists found out that the exoplanet is as light as cotton candy. Because of its low density, it has become the second-lightest planet ever found. It has a calculated density of 0.059 grams per cubic centimeter which is 99 times lower than Earth’s density.

Surprisingly, this is not an uncommon thing among astronomers. There are many planets similar to this. Scientists have nicknamed these types of cotton candy giants as “puffy Jupiters”. 

Astronomers have found a new Planet 50% bigger than Jupiter but very lightweight
Visual art of comparing the density of WASP-193b compared to candy floss.
Image Credit: University of Liege

Challenges to Observe

Scientists have faced a new challenge to do further observations on newly found exoplanet. They suspect the planet is made of Helium and Hydrogen. They further say it can’t be made of any solid-state material since it is lightweight. Because of the inflated atmosphere, it has become very difficult to observe the planet further.

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