This device gives you an extra thumb to boost hand skills

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Cambridge scientists have developed a device that gives an extra thumb to augment human abilities. So it enables users to accomplish tasks with unprecedented efficiency and versatility.

British product designer Dani Clode designed this tool with a focus on enhancing accessibility for disabled people and promoting greater independence. 

This device receives power from the user’s wrist-worn motor, and they can adjust the speed of the thumb via a pressure sensor.

This incredible robotic third thumb offers benefits to individuals who are looking forward to extending human potential, particularly people with disabilities and workers requiring improved dexterity.

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This robotic device functions as a third thumb and enhances grabbing capacity. ( Dani Clode Designs)

Insights into how the device functions

It functions as a sixth finger positioned after the pinky and significantly enhances the carrying capacity. There will be a pressure sensor under the big toe to easily control the speed. 

Using the right toe, this device moves across the hand, and the left toe controls its movement towards the finger. 

Who can benefit from this device?

Anyone who wishes to expand the limits of human capabilities can use this device that gives an extra thumb. Especially for people with disabilities and manufacturing workers who need enhanced dexterity. 

Most significantly, it may be utilized in rehabilitation facilities for therapy. Also, to aid in emergency circumstances for managing equipment and supplies, it can be used.

Device adoption rate among tryout participants

In the annual Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2022, people of all ages from the public had an opportunity to tryout this third thumb. Only four people were able to use it successfully in the 596 tryouts. 

Following initial attempts, the 592 participants who failed to use this device on the first tryout were instructed on how to use it. Remarkably, 98% of the participants grasped its usage quickly.

In conclusion, Cambridge scientists have crafted a user-friendly device that gives an extra thumb to augment human abilities. It was designed by British product designer Dani Clode.

This third thumb will expand human capabilities, especially for those with disabilities and workers needing enhanced dexterity. 

Featured image credits: Dani Clode Designs

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