The Original Profender: Shark Tank Update After The Show

The Original Profender is a dynamic basketball training tool for people worldwide learning to play basketball. It’s a realistic defender stimulation and can dodge and weave in front of a player. Tony Devine appeared on Shark Tank Season 03 Episode 08, hoping for $75000 for 15% of equity. Unfortunately, The Original Profender Shark Tank pitch wasn’t successful. And Tony Devine left the Shark Tank Without a deal.

The company net worth was $1 million as of 2023. However as September 2023, the company is temporarily closed. But how does the Profender basketball trainer reach this much net worth after shark tank update? Let’s find out more.

How Is The Original Profender Doing Now?

According to our research, The Original Profender is still in business not clear. Their company status is temporarily closed on online sources as of September 2023. And the Company’s last social media update was from September 2022. And their official site link is directed to another website

Perhaps their domain has been sold an another company. So there needs to be clearer information about its current activities.  So, everyone is curious about what happened to The Original Profender and its future update.

What Is The Original Profender?

The Original Profender is an especially developed basketball training device. It can mimic a real defender and evade opponents. After the Profender Shark Tank appearance, it developed as a marketable device.

This human-shaped device is fixed on a rolling base. So an operator can control the original Profender and adjust the connection pole’s height and location. Because of that, it makes a helpful tool for training college and school football players. 

“This unique design improves the traditional stationary device. So, it gives the players the feeling of actually dodging an opponent.”

Who Owns The Original Profender?

Tony Devine is the founder and the owner of the Original Profender. Also, he has a $750K net worth as of 2023. At first, he developed the device to train his son as a basketball coach. Devine was a graduate of education and worked as a basketball coach. 

According to him, most coaches need to be more fit as the players to defend while training. So he developed the device to mimic a real defender. However, he took it to the market after Profender’s basketball shark tank update.

What Happened To The Original Profender In Shark Tank?

The Original Profender appeared on Shark Tank Season 03 Episode 08, hoping for $75,000 for 15% of equity. He and his son gave a brief introduction about their product. Sharks were impressed with the idea but questioned about the small target market. 

However, Babara Corcoran decided to drop the deal first. Because she wasn’t impressed with his product development plan. Followingly Robert Herjavec left the deal due to a high market price near  $500. Also, Daymond Jhon left the deal for the same reason. 

Kevin O’Leary thought it was costly even at the lower price of $200. So he decided not to invest. Finally, Mark Cuban left the deal because it took too long to reach the expected market. So, The Original Profender left the Shark Tank without a deal.

And What happened after the shark tank is impressive.

What Happened To The Original Profender After The Shark Tank?

The original Profender received massive attention from many countries after the show. And their successful Kickstarter campaign makes a home version of the market. Followingly the product received the patent.

Also, they advertised around five products with varied price ranges from $199- $799. The stationary one is sold at a lower price, and the adjustable one is a high price.

Followingly, the product got support from celebrity players like Doug Overton. Also, their big man pad and the front mirror attracted the players. With this popularity, many colleges adapted the product to their school training nationwide. 

The Original Profender | Product Review

The Original Profender is a well-developed basketball training device. And it’s situated on a rolling surface that can move around. So, the operators can change the pole’s height and direction. Also, the product provides the ability to change the logo and customize the device. So, it was a personal experience for everyone. 

Competitors Of The Original Profender

There have yet to be any competitors with a similar product. So, the Original Profender has yet to have a competitor in the market.


Tony Devine left the Shark Tank without a deal but was successful with a Kickstarter campaign. His product was included in all basketball training programs across the country. And the company net worth was $1 million as of 2023. However, as of September 2023, the company is temporarily closed. 


What Is Tony Devine’s Net Worth?

According to the online sources, Tony Devine’s net worth is $750K in 2023.

Is The Original Profender still in business?

The company is temporarily closed in September 2023.

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