The Only Element You Can Chew Like Gum

Did you know that there’s a special element in the universe that you can actually chew like bubble gum? It’s called Indium, and it’s super cool! I saw this awesome video on YouTube where someone tried biting into a lump of indium, and I couldn’t wait to share all the fascinating things I learned about it.

Indium: The Chewable Metal

Imagine taking a bite of something that feels like refrigerated Milk Duds. That’s exactly how it was for the brave experimenter. When they put the indium in their mouth, it started to soften and feel like chewing gum. They could even feel the vibrations of the tiny crystals in the metal.

Surprisingly, indium didn’t have any taste, just like when you chew gum on a freezing cold day and it gets hard. It was even softer than that! But don’t try this at home because it might not be great for your teeth.

More Than Just Chewing:

Indium has some other cool tricks up its sleeve. It can stick to your teeth, just like gum sometimes sticks to things. And guess what? It’s even soft enough to write with! Imagine using metal as a pencil – that’s pretty awesome, right?


Indium is a super special element that’s safe to chew, almost like bubble gum. It’s so soft and unique that it’s even close to a perfect 10 on the periodic table. But remember, even though indium is chewable, it’s important to take care of your teeth, so it’s best not to try chewing it yourself.

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