The Great Resignation

The Great Resignation has been a phenomenon seen around the world in recent times, with employees leaving their jobs en masse. This is a trend that has developed since COVID-19, and it is a major concern for employers because staff turnover can be disruptive and costly, especially if you suddenly have multiple roles to fill. Continuity is important for long-term business success, and you will want to keep hold of your top performers, so what are the main reasons for The Great Resignation? This article will look at some of the main reasons so that you can take positive steps to improve employee retention.


One of the main driving factors of The Great Resignation is burnout. The pandemic took its toll on people in many ways, including isolation from remote work, health anxiety, job insecurity, longer hours, and increased responsibility. The impact of this – as well as other external factors – can still be felt, and many employees have found themselves burned out and exhausted. As a result, many handed in their notice to look for less demanding work. This is why it is important to offer a makable workload and to prioritize employee well-being.

Poor Work-Life Balance

Leading on from this, expectations around work have been forever changed since COVID-19. Many businesses are finding that staff will quit if forced back into the office full-time as remote and hybrid work has become the norm. These work models provide a much healthier work-life balance and can benefit the business and workforce in many ways.

Negative Employee Experience

A positive employee experience is how you keep staff happy, engaged, and loyal at work. Many businesses have struggled to provide a positive work experience in recent times, which is why so many companies are struggling with employee retention. In addition to a healthy work-life balance, employers need to nurture employees, offer career development and show appreciation. Simpplr can provide a platform that will help you to improve the employee experience, which should keep staff happy and improve performance levels by creating an environment where staff can thrive.

Changing Priorities

These days, people look at their job as far more than a paycheck. People’s priorities have changed in recent years, and now people want work that is interesting, rewarding, and suits their values. Therefore, you want to make your business a desirable place to work by offering meaningful work, offering career development opportunities, and by making your brand one that is ethical, sustainable, and responsible.

Expanding Job Market

Another driving factor of The Great Resignation is the expanding job market. With the economy going through recovery, many people are leaving their jobs, and with the rise of remote work, it means that there are lots of new opportunities, which is resulting in many people looking for new jobs (almost like musical chairs). To prevent this, you want to ensure that employees can achieve their career goals and enjoy a positive workplace culture within your business.

These are some of the driving factors of the Great Resignation, and this should give you a few ideas for ways to prevent staff turnover and keep your employees happy at work.

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