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The Fish and Anchor Kitchen Nightmares Update – Still Open or Closed in 2024?


The Fish and Anchor was a Lampeter, Wales restaurant featured on season 05 of Kitchen Nightmares UK. Gordon Ramsay visited The Fish and Anchor in early 2007 and the episode aired in December 2007. As of 2024, The Fish and Anchor is closed. 

Is The Fish and Anchor still open or closed?

As of 2024, The Fish and Anchor is closed in Lampeter, Wales nearly one year after Gordon Ramsay’s visit. Fish and Anchor was closed in 2008, a year after Gordon Ramsay’s visit. 

Even though there is no information about why they closed the restaurant, some internet sources mentioned that the restaurant was open again after 2008. But it did not last long and was shut down again. 

Episode Recap

The Fish and Anchor was episode 06 of season 05.

Restaurant name The Fish and Anchor
Owner  Mike Ciminera and Caron
Chef Mike Ciminera
Original Episode Air DateDecember 4, 2007
The Fish and Anchor AddressLlanwnnen, Lampeter, Dyfed, SA48 7LG
Is The Fish and Anchor still open? (2024)No, As of 2024, The Fish and Anchor is closed

The Fish and Anchor update 2024 – Where are they now?

Gordon revisited the restaurant a month later and saw that things were going well. However, this did not last long. In 2008, the restaurant was closed and sold in the same year.

After some time, the restaurant was reopened under new ownership but didn’t last long, closing in the same year.

Based on the latest update, it appears that the location is now being used for storage purposes.

What happened to the owners of The Fish and Anchor?

Before owning small fish and chip shops, a couple had their humble beginnings. However, Mike’s luck changed when he won big on a football betting pool. They then invested the money into opening a restaurant. Mike was an Italian ex-boxer. On the night of the episode airing, Channel 4 reported that Mike was like a one-man pressure cooker.

“Mike, a self-taught cook, is a one-man pressure cooker in the kitchen as he struggles to accommodate a vast menu while Caron’s unique style of front-of-house management includes abusing the customers and her husband in equal measure.”

Restaurant location map 

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