The Dovecote Bistro was an Okehampton restaurant featured on season 1 of Kitchen Nightmares UK version. Gordon Ramsay visited the Dovecote Bistro in 2008 and the episode aired in 2009. As of 2024, Dovecote Bistro is closed.

Is Dovecote Bistro still Closed?

Since the episode aired in 2009, many are wondering whether Dovecote Bistro is still closed. As of 2024, Dovecote Bistro is closed in Okehampton nearly 15 years after Gordon Ramsay’s visit.

Dovecote Bistro which has changed the name to ” Martin’s Bistro was closed in 2015. It was closed due to the decision of Martin family to sell the business.

Episode Recap

The Dovecote Bistro was episode 1 of season 1.

Owner  Mick Martin
Waiters/StaffMo Martin
Chef Mick and Michelle
Original Episode Air DateJanuary 30, 2009
The Dovecote Bistro’s Address38, Red Lion Yard, Okehampton EX20 1AW, United Kingdom
Is The Dovecote Bistro’s still open? (2024)Closed

Dovecote Bistro update 2024- Where are they now?

Gordan Ramsay had done several changes to the restaurant such as changing the name to Martin’s Bistro and appointing Michelle as the chef after she had been given some proper training. Mo had been in charge of finances and Mick had been appointed to do front desk duties.

The restaurant successfully ran several years until it’s closure in 2015, when they sold the restaurant. The old location is now home to a new restaurant called Graylings.

What happened to the owners of the Dovecote/ Martin’s Bistro ? 

After the closure of the restaurant, Martin Family still seems to live in Okehampton. Although their personal information is not revealed much, It seems that Michelle got married and Mick and Mo Martin became proud grand parents to her kids.

Restaurant location map : 

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