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When playing poker, your life is made a lot easier if you start the game with a good hand. It can be soul-destroying when you look at your cards and discover you have a 2 of hearts and a 7 of clubs. However, when you see an Ace-Ace staring back at you, you start to feel yourself get a bit excited.

To help you understand the best hands to have in poker, we’re going to take a look at some of the greatest in further detail:

Ace-King Suited

The possibilities are endless with an Ace-King suited. You have a really great chance of starting off with a pair, straight, or flush. However, if you do get lucky, you could even end up with a royal flush, which is the best of them all. This consists of a 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace, which are all suited. 

Queen-Queen or King-King

We’ll prob these two together, as they are both excellent starting cards to have. Of course, with either of these pairs, you don’t want to see an Ace on the flop, as that can really test your nerves. Nevertheless, after the Ace-Ace, there’s no denying that a King-King followed by a Queen-Queen is what most people want to have. 

Suited King-Queen

This is another pretty solid hand to start out with when playing poker. You have a really great chance of getting a flush or a straight with this pair. The royal flush is also a possibility, but you’ll want to see a suited Ace come out on the flop to keep this dream alive. 

Ace-King (Offsuit)

Next, we have the Ace-King offsuit, which certainly is not as powerful as the suited version of these two cards. However, you can still make some winning combinations. The possibility of a straight is real here. You can also make one or two pairs with a great high card. We’re sure most players would not be too disappointed if they took a peak at their cards and saw an Ace and a King looking back at them!


Last but not least, we cannot possibly talk about the best hands for online pokies without mentioning Ace-Ace. This is the best starting hand in Texas Hold’em. While you want players to enter the pot, you need to be mindful of how many do so. After all, the more players, the more chance that someone is going to beat your aces on the flop. Don’t be overconfident here. You can still lose to two pairs of any other cards.  

Even with a good hand, you need to play the game well!

If you get any of the starting hands we mentioned above, you know that you have a great chance. However, the cards on the table are always going to have a massive role in the outcome, as are your playing skills

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