Online Gambling Streamers: Most Successful Twitch Casino Streamers

A gambling streamer is similar to a typical online streamer. They employ the use of various platforms, including Twitch and YouTube. However, rather than the usual Podcasts or Vlogs, they make use of this platform to share all forms of online casino gambling information. The United States, Canada, Brazil, and Germany are countries with the highest number of casino streamers. There are millions of subscribers on these platforms. In this article, we’ll take a look at the most popular twitch casino streamers and explore the streamers gambling industry from every angle. Poker represented the initial attraction on this platform, but slots are now bigger, by the numbers.


Fake Casino Streamers

Casino streamers are known to be sponsored by casinos (directly or indirectly). They direct their followers to their sponsors’ gambling sites. Some are known to be sponsored by fake online gambling sites. Even though some of them provide their customers with entertainment, they often render fraudulent or spurious services. Next, we will look at the main fake casino streamers that you should know about:

Roshtein Streamer

This fake casino streamer is known to use non-withdrawable money to play games while broadcasting them to a huge number of viewers. What can prove that a player is gambling with his own money is his bank statements, which must be in tandem with his cashouts and deposits. Roshtein fake casino streamer is a Swedish gambler that is popular on Twitch. He plays some incredible sums, with wagers that can be as high as €50 per spin. However, he only does so at certain casinos, including N1, Multilotto, Lady Hummer, and Queen Vegas. He receives unbelievable bonuses that casinos do not offer. On his channel you can see a lot of reviews about free pokies, slot machines and other popular gambling games. Roshtein casino fake streamer claims to be cashing out about 100k a week without maximum bet or maximum cash-out with a ridiculous 500% bonus.

Casinorobot Casino Streamer

The creator of this streaming channel was discredited when it was discovered that he plays at the same unknown casino site – called Dunder. In addition, you can watch many streams from Australian online pokies and other slot machines. This teenager, who still stays with his mother, shows no remorse or sadness anytime he loses thousands of Euros in a session. A budget of thousands of Euros is too high for a kid that still lives in his parents’ house. It was then discovered that the Casinorobot website was registered by a man who is an expert in affiliates. In addition, it is also called slot streamers fake. During the LeoVegas casino scandal, people found that this casino paid streamers, including Сasinorobot, with fake money to lure people to their platform.

ClassyBeef Fake Streamer

This gambling streamer channel has almost 200,000 and 25,000 followers on Twitch and YouTube respectively. The creators are known for playing online slot games. Their favourite slot games and online pokies on Twitch are Fruit Party, Sweet Bonanza, Madam Destiny Megaways, and Mystery Museums. Placing a wager of €500 per spin is unbelievable, but doing so on online casino platforms like N1 makes the idea of being a fake streamer hard to ignore. Even though they can be exhilarating whenever they play, their reactions to huge wins are not real. They have won about $81,000 playing Dead or Alive 2 among online casino streamers.

Casinodaddy Casino Streamer

This is operated by three Swedish brothers that are popular among gambling streamers. The first rumour regarding gambling with fake money emanated when they abruptly switched to higher stakes and full-time streams. People were also stunned that they were supporting disputable casinos. They are not only suspected of looking cheap or shady, but they also offer bonuses that are too good to be true. People also believe that their reactions to huge wins are not real. Even though there has been no hard evidence for being a fake streaming channel, the fact that Casinodaddy revolves around generating revenue is a concern among people. After all, this streaming channel makes it seem easy to accumulate 1000× winnings daily among online casino streamers.


Twitch slots streamers channels are devoted to broadcasting their online slot and online pokies real money activities or gameplays with their fans and subscribers by sharing their screens so as for them to be watched live. These channels impress their viewers through their winnings and their excellent gameplays. The number of viewers of Twitch slot games is getting close to 500,000.

FaZeBanks Slot Streamers

This popular person among slot streamers on Twitch, has raked in an average viewer of 30,291 and the highest viewers of 49,921. His streaming channel has gathered about 138,418 followers and a total view of 329,979. It has a stream quality of 720p 30 FPS. As of the time of writing, Richard “Ricky” Bengston has his channel currently inactive. Instead, he keeps trying to build his FaZe Clan by employing several top talents for his organization. He is co-hosting his “Mom’s Basements” Podcast with Colossal is Crazy and Keemstar. Before starting up the FaZe Clan, Banks was a member of SoaR. In 2017, he started doing more vlogs with different vloggers on YouTube.


Tyler Faraz Niknam, popularly known online as TrainwrecksTv, is an American slot streamer on Twitch. Since 2019, he has hosted the scuffed podcast on his Twitch channel. He has gathered over 66.4 million views in total and 1.55 million followers on Twitch. He has been active on Twitch and YouTube from 2015 till date. On YouTube, he has over 195,000 subscribers and 25 million views. In addition, it is also often named among the fake slot streamers. In 2020, Tyler Faraz gained much recognition for his playing style. He would later win a sum of $5,000 for winning a “Code Red Among Us” tournament. According to digital trends, Niknam is one of the best players among us on Twitch. During the 2020 presidential election, Niknam gathered over 607,000 hours watched on election night, thereby making up about 18.2% of the total hours watched across Twitch.


This French casino slot streamer is based out of Malta. With a great sense of humour, he is often tuned with several francophone audiences. Bidule, whose real name is Adrien, gathered over 100k subscribers in November 2020 among slot streamers. It took so long before his streaming channel became popular since its inception in 2016. With over 3.5 million total views, Bidule is one of the highest-rank slot streaming channels on Twitch. He has won a sum of €313,900 while playing Mega Ball from Evolution Gaming. Besides slots, he also displays his playing skill on table games, including Blackjack. Some of the casinos Bidule plays at include Stake Casino, Mr. Green, and Cassio.


This one of the top Twitch casino streamers gathered average viewers per stream of 6,870 from July 2020 to July 2021. During that period, he raked in 68,576 peak viewers and 2,011,914 followers. Hammoudi Abdalrhman is a professional streamer and gamer for an esports organization known as 100 Thieves. He became popular for his gameplay in the League of Legends, especially for his character “Yasuo”, which is what his gaming name is based on. He has worked with several top streamers over the years, such as Imaqtpie, Tyler1, and Pokimane. He has presented his fans with high-quality content in the Twitch gambling. Yassuo has focused his attention on online slots in recent times. Even though his channel still streams League of Legends and other video games a lot, gamers across the globe have found so much interest that they have streamed almost 120 hours of slot games and free online pokies.


DeuceAce, otherwise known as Jay, has accumulated average viewers per stream of 5,589 between July 2020 and July 2021. During that time, he raked in over 21,580 peak viewers and 155,009 followers. On gambling Twitch, he has been totally devoted to bringing top-quality content for his fans. As of the writing, he has provided more than 1500 hours of slots within the past 13 months. There was a time he took a break from the slot. He has also gathered up to 6 hours – in total – for World of Warcraft. He goes through between 10 to 15 slots during any given streaming session. He won €129,000 while playing the Dog house slot gambling on Twitch. He also won €150,000 while playing Money Train 2.


Best Online Casino Twitch Live Streaming Channels

These streaming channels are devoted to bringing gamers across the globe live sessions on different forms of casino games, including Blackjacks, slots, and many more. These Twitch casino streams attract the interests of gamers by their impressive gameplay and the amount they win. The mainstreaming platform, Twitch, has over 150 channels that present live real-money online slot gambling broadcasts. It regularly gathers over 100,000 views. Some of the prominent channel’s owners are introduced as follows:


This is an Australian YouTube gamer that is popular in Twitch gambling. She has accumulated over 278,000 followers on the platform. She has also gathered 1,621 hours of games watched on the channel, with 354 peak viewers and an average of 256 viewers. Just chatting and slots are the most popular games on her channels. The  Gambling Twitch channel was created in 2015 and it streams mostly on Mondays to Wednesdays. As of the time of writing, she has gathered over 3.2 million views in total. Over the last 30 days, she has gained more than 2,000 followers and over 9000 viewers.


This is a top casino streamer Twitch with almost 7,900 hours of view in a day. He has, on average, 2,367 viewers and peak viewers of 3,918. He has 596,499 followers and an average of 4,048 viewers on the platform. He also has a total view that is as high as 4,744,223. His stream quality is mostly 1080p 60FPS. Born in 1996, Tyceno is a popular personality from Auckland. Besides being a Twitch streamer, he is also a well-recognized YouTuber. In 2017, Tyceno became a Twitch partner. The game he plays primarily is NBA 2K. He also plays other games, including Fortnite: Battle Royale and MyPark.


This is a professional esports player that participates in several tournaments. Over the past month, he has gathered over 10,800 followers and achieved over 568,000 viewers’ hours. He also has an average viewer of 3,473 per day. In total, he has over 418,552 followers and 15,483,505 views. His stream quality is 1080p 60FPS. With over 6 years of experience in Twitch, 24-year old Cody has been a Twitch partner for 4 years. He plays all forms of games, primarily casino games. He is a top among streamers gambling that is active from Sundays to Fridays.


Ziad, also known as AyeZee, is one of the popular online casino streamers and a poker enthusiast. He has gathered an average viewership per day of 3,198. His total number of followers and views are 107,375 and 2,658,278 respectively. His stream quality is 1080p 60FPS. While streaming slots, a peak view of 5,825 viewers was recorded on August 31. He has also raked in 2.94 million hours watched. He gains over 35 followers and 880 views per hour. With 167 followers per stream and 4,131 views per stream, AyeZee is one of the top names on Twitch. He has streamed a total number casino streamer bonus in 11 games.


Andrew, also known as Von Dice, is devoted to providing content across different online casinos since the inception of his streaming channel in January 2021. He has an average viewer of 4,723 per day and 172,432 followers on the platform. With a total view of 7,008,557, VonDice is one of the most popular Twitch casino streams. He gathered an average of 4,724 viewers per day. He has been active for 224 days, every single day of the week. He has streamed 5 games and rakes in 658 followers and 32,736 views per stream. He gains 81 followers and 4,033 views per hour.


Gambling on Twitch as Best Online Platform for Online Streamers

Several platforms are available that make it possible to stream online games to an audience. Twitch, by far, is the most prominent streaming platform today, and there are several reasons for this. It is the best site to stream all forms of video games, esports, and casino games. This implies that you can find the largest audience on this platform if you seek one. As of February 2021, it has hosted over 9.5 million streamers. There is a dedicated “Slot on Twitch” category that can help you start right away. Best casino streamers are also given a bit of revenue through several ads their videos display during streaming. To get started, you must not only have a minimum of 50 followers and 500 minutes of streaming within the first 30 days but also achieve 7 days of streaming within a month and at least 3 viewers watching your video at once. Registering as a streamer is free.


What Do I Need to Become A Casino Streamer Twitch?

As Twitch continues to grow, there are several people who would like to be a streamer on this burgeoning platform. If you are one of them, the tips below might introduce you to the requirements that must be satisfied to become one of the best casino streamers:

  • Get some gear. You do not necessarily need $7,000 to purchase a gaming rig, a professional camera, or a studio mic. Even though having expensive equipment can improve efficiency and results, it is not an investment worth considering early on. You basically need two things besides a PC or console: A headset and a webcam.
  • Make a schedule and stick to it. Successful streamers on Twitch have a specific period of the day or week that they stream their videos. When viewers know the exact period that they will probably catch your stream, then it will be easier for them to visit your channel. It also makes your activities organized.
  • Add some flair. When you get settled into how things work, Twitch then almost becomes a side hustle. At this point, you must add a new style and vibes that people can easily serve as your trademark. A good way to start this is to add cool music. Periods of silence during a stream are mostly when people stop viewing a stream and start doing something else.


Top Female Casino Streamers

There are many top streamers gambling that present their fans with videos of different game sessions. The level of gameplay and number of wins are some of the qualities that impress viewers and attract them to these channels. Several top casino streamers are females and some of them are introduced as follows;


This French streamer is widely known for streaming different kinds of games, especially Slots, Call of Duty, and Fortnite. With 123,412 followers, she has streamed 10 different games. She has also raked in 2,560,211 total views. Her stream quality is 1080p 59FPS. She launched her streaming channel in 2016 and has streamed for 1145 hours. She has been active for 1,267 days on the platform among online gambling streamers. She has an average view of 250. She has also gathered 91 followers and 2,070 views per stream. In an hour, she gained 24.3 followers and 549 views.

She streams a low number of various games, including Slots and Just Chatting. She has 65,280 followers on Twitch. With over 1.68 million total views, Leyla is one of the most popular streamers on the platform. Her channel was launched in 2018 and has an average viewer of 181. She has attained a peak number of 5,124 viewers and over 613,000 watching hours. Since the inception of her channel, she has been active for 557 days. She has total followers and views per stream of 120 and 3098 respectively. She plays an average of 1.4 games per stream.


This top female Twitch streamer has gathered over 63,280 followers on the platform. With 333,715 total views, she is one of the most popular female streamers. She has been active for 411 days and has an average view of 373. Her peak number of viewers is 2,232. She has streamed 10 games since the inception of her channel. She has 138 followers and 782 views per stream. She also has played about 1.2 games per stream. In an hour, she gained 55.6 followers and 316 views.


Online Platforms for Casino and Slot Streamers

There are several similarities between Twitch and YouTube Live Streaming. The two are both video/audio-sharing platforms. However, there are certain differences between them. The most significant difference between these two platforms is that Twitch is devoted to providing a platform for live streamers. In contrast, YouTube presents lasting content with a search engine for those interested in a specific niche. There is also a difference in the way they offer their videos. Twitch recommends more popular streamers and does not permit editing of thumbnails. However, YouTube enables you to edit and customize your thumbnails with a search engine that makes it easy to locate newbies. While YouTube can cater for smaller videos, Twitch tends to support larger videos. The former also holds a better algorithm for displaying high-quality content. YouTube is also more popular than Twitch even though the latter is also quite recognized.

Top Platforms for Betting on Streamers

There are several platforms that offer betting services on Streamers663. Some of the best providers for bettors on twitch are introduced below:

  • Unikrn. This has established itself as one of the prominent esports betting platforms. To enjoy your time, you must catch up on all the latest and upcoming trends. This is exactly the case in exotic bets, crypto bets, and betting on twitch streamers. It is characterized by a range of streamers in PUBG and Apex Legends. The automated bet system, however, does not work as planned. This platform also accepts bettors who wish to bet with cryptocurrencies.
  • Rivalry. This platform exposed bettors to the possibility of gambling on Twitch streamers. Viewers can watch their favourite streamers as they can predict and wager on who wins the game. This earns them money as a result. This platform presents markets on all the top streamers’ live matches, including titles like Valorant and CS:GO.
  • GGBet. This platform offers the chance to wager on 10 premier esports titles. With them, bettors can also engage in live betting and placing wagers on streamers. This is a good choice for players who wish to diversify their bets on different markets at once since it features Live betting, Twitch betting, and esports betting. For bettors who wish to wager on titles like PUBG and Hearthstone, this is an ideal platform.
  • Bitfight TV was a project that lasted for about one year and it offered the chance to bet on Twitch streamers in Apex Legends, League of Legends, and Fortnite. In that period, the platform declared that it would feature additional titles. Yet, gambling has been restricted to those three titles. It offered new users welcome bonuses and helped them manage their Bankroll with good policies.


Can Viewers of Online Casino Streamers Make Money

For someone who is just watching a slot stream, you are not exposed to the opportunity to make money since you are not investing any money in the gamble. Yet, viewers are often presented with the chance to win bonuses. Several streamers give their most loyal viewers a percentage of their income.

This might not result in a significant sum since this percentage is shared among many viewers. It is still free money and once you stream on different platforms often, then you can make a few dollars combined. It is worth noting that this is not uncommon among these platforms.


Technical Requirements to Become Online Gambling Streamers

There are steps that are required if you wish to become an online gambling streamer:

  • If you are not already on the platform, you must set up an account.
  • You need a program, known as Open Broadcast Software, to stream. There are several videos online that can explain to you how this is done.
  • If you wish to stream on both YouTube and Twitch at once, you will use a “Restream” service.
  • If you wish to stream a video quality of 720p, you will need to upload at a speed of 5 Mbit per second.
  • If you do not like to appear on camera, you can choose to stream audio, rather than video.


How to Understand that a Casino Streamer is Fake?

You can be sure of nothing when it comes to casino streaming. There are several fake streamers out there and different tips are relevant to spot them:

Reactions to Wins and Losses. This is one of the signs most people look for in streaming channels. A streamer who still depends on his family members, but reacts emotionlessly to huge, incredible wins or losses, is most likely a fake one.

Amount of Wagers Per Spin. In many cases, when you see a casino streamer that is wagering over €300 per spin, you should know that they are most likely a spurious streamer.

Casinos and Software Providers. When a streamer consistently gambles at unknown casinos without any top game provider, this is a big sign that they are most likely fake.


What Games Casino Streamers Play on Twitch & YouTube

Initially, streaming channels started with poker. However, slots are becoming the most popular casino games on streaming channels. This is only possible since online slots present a plethora of games streamers can play alongside several bonuses and themes that make the platform more interesting. This gives them so many options to choose from.

There are also several Blackjack and roulette themes for table game lovers. They are mostly enjoyed in live casino games. This guarantees lots of interactions. There are also monopoly live streams, which involve streamers taking on Evolution Gaming game shows.


Most Interesting News about Top Online Gambling Streamers

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“I’m Not Comfortable Anymore,” Writes Trainwrecks

Betting on Twitch has been a controversial topic for a while now. Tyler Nicknam – Popularly known as Trainwrecks – spoke about his concerns about his sponsorships. Even though some slots streamers have moved away from that category, many are still creating content that is based on online casino gaming. Nicknam has kept warning his community not to dabble into gambling themselves since they lack the sponsorship deals that many online slot streamers are enjoying. He has even debated his exit in the past. It appears his engagement in gambling-related activities is ending. According to him, “now, I’m at a point where it’s no longer at a crossroads. I’m worried. I’m trying to keep it as clean as possible and take just as much risk as the regular user would, but I’m worried [about] attaching my name to anything,”

Adin Ross Revealed Phenomenal Income Figures On Twitch

During a Twitch stream, it seems like Adin Ross had inadvertently revealed the amount of money he receives from his Twitch streams. The amount is mind-blowing. Adin Ross has quickly established himself as one of the most prominent streamers on Twitch, with several loyal fanbases. During his Twitch stream on June 9, Ross was going through his Discord and looking for Lebron James’ son when he started a conversation with an individual known as “Duelbets”. He said to them, “They offered me a bag,” referring to Roobet whose name he eventually mentioned during the conversation. Immediately Duelbets said that they “offered you guys nearly $2m a month,” Ross replies by affirming that they “offered 1.4 and didn’t want to cover expenses,” while also saying that Roobet are “covering expenses” and that they’re “getting more” with them. It seems “them” refers to an entire group of creators.

Why Does Twitch Ban Gambling-Related Links?

Twitch made it clear that creators can retain their gambling affiliate links as long as they do not, in any form, market them on their platform. Twitch declared that they will be restricting all referral codes and kinks that are related to online casino games (slots, dice games, and roulette) on their network. This enforcement will commence on Tuesday, August 17th. In a statement, the company said, “To prevent harm and scams created by questionable gambling services that sponsor content on Twitch, we will prohibit sharing links and/or referral codes to sites that offer slots, roulette, or dice games. We will continue to monitor gambling-related content and update our approach as needed.” This update comes up in a period of discourse that regards betting on Twitch among prominent creators, with the likes of Pokimane, Trainwrecks, Adin Ross, and other top names making their opinions known over this issue for the past few months. This discussion centred around the gambling ethics that is associated with heightened scrutiny towards the actions Twitch was taking upon gambling sponsors.

$35K an Hour to Gamble on Twitch

Gambling on Twitch continues to have divisive effects. A prominent streamer on the platform, known as Mizkif as weighed in on the fact that a sponsor presented him with $35,000 per hour to bet on streams. He even affirmed that it was only “the tip of an iceberg.”

There are lots of content available on Twitch and so many prominent streamers can make so much money from them. A significantly divisive trend has increased the popularity of gambling on Twitch. Gambling is often regarded by many as a divisive activity of Twitch since it is a risky path for viewers to participate in. The potential of exposure to addictive gambling and the risks of losing money makes it to be considered a dangerous activity. Several streamers such as Trainwrecks have warned his viewers not to engage in the activity. Mizkif disclosed what is behind gambling. He revealed that a gambling website presented him about $35,000 per hour to make use of their platform while he streams. He also affirmed that they had separate tiers of partnership that would motivate him to encourage viewers to start gambling themselves by giving them money.

The article is presented by Katrin Young, a new content writer on, who has years of experience in the gambling industry.

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