How To Maximize Your Casino Bonus

The best online casinos are gaining popularity all over the world. This means that many users have the widest viable choice. People play slot machines to win. It is online casino bonuses that give players a sense of delight and pleasure.

When should play on slot machines to have the greatest chance of winning? Let’s try to understand this topic.

Emotional aspects of the issue

The world is the way we want it to be. These are the words of well-known experts in psychology. This is true for the gambling situation. Here it makes sense to divide the situation into 2 components:

  • All online casinos have a program for a certain percentage of winnings

Fortune will definitely smile at the lucky ones. Besides, you should consider the postulates of probability theory. Keep playing, and the win will happen. The longer you expect, the greater its value will be. This is the law of strict higher mathematics.

  • Create a wonderful mood for yourself

It would seem that it does not relate these 2 aspects of the same issue to each other. But, this is not the case. Every casino bonus depends on optimism and the charge of the good mood of the player.


Imagine a situation when a player enters the virtual website in a depressed state of mind. Problems put pressure on him and undermine his self-confidence. Only a miracle can change the situation. But probability theory is a rigorous science. To see the fairness of the normal distribution, it must press the button over one hundred times. But, the reserve of moral strength of our player is tiny.

Each next loss plunges such a player more and more into the abyss of pessimism. Under this concept, the desire to have fun and strive for anything is lost.

As a result, the oppressed visitor quits the game when the probability of winning is high. It is unwise to abandon the session in this case. But, the player leaves the virtual casino with disheveled feelings.


Now let’s consider a situation when an optimistic player starts a game on an online site. His goal is not to win, but also to enjoy the very process of the game. It does not fixate on the monetary result, and thus does not worry about intermediate losses.

As a result, with the most unfortunate development of events, an optimistic user has more chances to win. This is not psychology at all, but real mathematics. The larger your sample, the greater your chances of winning.

7 rules from experienced players

To win, each player needs to follow the following rules:

Reasonable excitement of the players

There is nothing in excitement if you stick to certain limits. You can win sometimes, but being lucky all the time is unrealistic.

So, if you feel that today is not your day, it is better to stop the game in time and rest until tomorrow. Or visit crypto gambling sites online.

Know your limits

Always play within the limits set. You need to control both time and money. When you feel that your losing streak has no end, stop playing. Your inner voice will not deceive you. The only thing that awaits you is more debts and an empty wallet. If necessary, try your luck with another casino platform. In addition, don’t be afraid to ask for help from experts if needed. There are many forums where players share their experience and expertise on how to properly play casino games online or slots that would increase casino payout percentages and win more often.


Why is it important to control the time of playing at the casino? The longer you play, the lower the concentration, and the higher the chance of losing everything and leaving disappointed. On average, a player gets tired after about 40-60 minutes of continuous play.


A good site always has a casino slot bonus. In your personal account, you can set lower values yourself, or best of all, put a sum that you can afford to lose. This is the optimal solution.

The amount that you systematically use for the game should not exceed the amount that you can safely part with. Be prepared to lose this money.

Don’t be greedy

If you win because of successful bets, we recommend you finish the game and collect your winnings. Greed is the worst adviser in the casino.

Play in a good mood

Do not visit the casino under the influence of alcohol. Playing is not a way to relieve stress or forget about everyday problems, nor is it a cure for depression. If you are in a bad mood right now, then at least play online casino for free without registration. This way, you will lose nothing and will distract from problems without harm to your wallet.

The right choice of casino

You need to choose  from special forums and reviews. But it’s really important.

The state commission checks each site. Winnings and payouts do not pass by strict control.

TOP Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Casino Bonuses

What are the best casino bonuses? 

There are no universal criteria that could be used to select one or another. You need to try different options and find what you like and what satisfies your requirements.

For instance, some players love welcome bonuses, and others prefer to get a cashback on losses.

What is the best online casino? 

There are many factors that affect the question. The player himself must answer it personally after trying several options on his own. To choose a place for the game, we need to consider not only the availability of bonuses but also their actual value and transparency of casino work. Personal preferences and characteristics define which option will be preferable for each observer. This option will depend on the class of software, games, language support, customer support service, protection from fraud and a number of other factors.

How to choose an online casino with the best bonus?

All casinos have their own bonus system, promotions and loyalty programs. Look through each site’s terms and conditions to find out what they offer for new players, as well as existing ones. For example, many casinos offer sign-up bonuses for new customers, ongoing promotions with cashback or free spins on selected slot games. It is also advisable to play at a casino site that offers 24/7 live support as well as a mobile version of the website. 

In addition, it’s important to read through trusted casino reviews before making your final decision to find the best bonus and online casino site for your personal taste (source: The only problem is that you can’t be completely protected against fraudsters. So, to avoid unpleasant situations with false casinos, we recommend using only those sites that other players have already checked. For this case, your best bet is to visit the casino player forum – There you can get an honest opinion about the casino experience from all the players since they have no reason to lie.

What are the casino bonus wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements are the conditions that you have to fulfil, in order for the bonus to be cleared. For example, if you’re offered a 100% bonus of up to USD/EUR 100 with wagering requirements of 30 times (30x) the bonus amount then you need to make bets for USD/EUR 3000 in order to get them all cleared.

So the first rule before you start playing for real money is to read the terms and conditions of your chosen casino. 

Do you have to pay taxes from winnings? 

In most cases, online casinos operate in countries where there is no “tax on gambling”. In this case, the player may not be required to pay taxes during real money play at an international casino site. The exception is if one country decides to tax its players for playing at foreign sites. This will not always happen automatically – sometimes, a certain amount must be won before it becomes taxable income. If there are any questions regarding taxation laws, please consult a local tax specialist or accountant for more information regarding specific requirements and rules for your location.


Luck shines for those who are inclined to get carried away. In fact, this is not the case. Probability theory provides quite convincing evidence for this. It is worth being organized and choosing the time for the game during which you will not be interrupted.

Armed with this knowledge, you have every chance to have a brilliant game and get the best casino bonus.

What do you think?

Written by MSM Riham

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