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Beginners ask this question. Making money at Joo Casino Bet is anyone’s dream. But all beginners should understand that this is a serious risk. Money does not fall from the sky. At the beginning of his journey, the player has to risk his funds by making initial bets. Without a competent strategy and experience, it is almost impossible to make real money on bets. 

Can you get rich off sports betting?

Experienced players use proven algorithms of the game, which consistently generate income. No one can guarantee profitable sports betting in a bookmaker’s office. But bettors with experience exclude the risk of serious losses and leave in a significant minus.

Choosing a bookmaker and registering

It is better to choose a legal bookmaker, especially now there are no problems with this for users. The advantage of a legal bookmaker is that it has an official license to carry out its activities and is controlled by the state. The client’s money is insured, the officially operating company will not steal it and will not block the account if there are no good reasons for this.

You can sue an official bookmaker and defend your rights. You can’t imagine this when playing with unregistered companies.It is useless to complain about them.

You also don’t have to worry about the timeliness of payments – the state regulatory authority regulates the movement of transactions. Registration, according to some users, is still far from perfect. But this procedure cannot be called complicated either.

Registration process: 

  1. Come to any representative office of the company with your passport.
  2. Show your passport and fill out your data.
  3. Get a club card.
  4. Top up your card in one of the many ways.
  5. Come up with the PIN code of the card in a special shop.
  6. Go to the company’s website.
  7. Go through the standard registration procedure. You will need the provision of passport data, card information, and phone number.
  8. Confirm registration by SMS.

Sport selection – smart sports betting

A beginner should pay attention to those sports where is a fan and is well versed in the specifics of the game. Knowledge will facilitate the work of analyzing the match. A common mistake of a beginner is to put on names. A big name is often misleading. 

Perhaps even last year’s champion sold out all the players who brought victories in the past before the start of the next season. Only a player who plays the sport will discover such nuances.

Betting on competitions where even the rules are not clear is a sure path to failure.

Match analysis and lines

Match analysis is an aspect without which it is impossible to imagine a successful bet. Before choosing your favorite, it is necessary to analyze:

  • the statistics of the last matches of the teams;
  • squad for injuries and disqualifications of the major players;
  • team motivation level;
  • weather and stadium factor;
  • statistics of meetings of teams with each other;
  • news related to the game;
  • the psychological state of the leading players and the team as far as possible;
  • relationships within the team, as far as possible.

Choosing the type of optimal bet

A beginner should start with classic bets on the outcome. Pay attention to the hosts with small odds of winning, regular favorites. For example, actively bet on Bayern, Juventus, Barcelona against the middling and outsiders of their leagues. If the bets are successful, you can inspect the higher coefficients and more equal rivals in the class.

How to determine the amount of the bet

At first, a beginner should put minimum amounts of bets. For most players, it doesn’t make much sense to risk colossal sums in learning the game.

How to make profitable sports betting

A win-win bet is possible only if it is insured. You can use the best insurance service from some bookmakers or try to play on arbitrage situations. 

Is it possible to earn money on bets without investments?

It is impossible to make money on bets without investments. Since betting with a bookmaker involves investing in sports, justified risk with your own money.

Making money betting on sports – 3 primary rules

Beginners often lose their money already at the first bets and leave bookmakers forever for a long time. To prevent this from happening, and the path to stable earnings was easy, just remember three rules:

  1. Never give in to emotions and excitement.
  2. Don’t bet the entire pot on one match. A reasonable rate is 10 percent from the bank.
  3. Carefully analyze the game. Do not chase after big names and surnames. People enter the sports arena, not cars. They can lose if the opponent is better prepared.


Is it possible to make money using information from various sources on the Internet? Only your painstaking work can bring actual income. Completely relying on someone else’s opinion and trusting questionable sources is a high and unjustified risk.

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