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We’ve become inseparable from our portable electronic devices in today’s world. In fact, whether it’s while traveling for business or during a vacation with a group of close friends, a smartphone or a tablet device tends to accompany most people on a trip. Given the array of functionalities they possess, particularly when it comes to useful apps we can use abroad, it’s entirely understandable why people would pack a miniature handheld device.

From helpful map apps to options that enable you to locate the very best restaurants in a new town or city, there are a range of apps that cater for even the most obscure adventures abroad. Many of the go-to applications holidaymakers are sampling in 2023 are easy to use, they take seconds to download and load up, and they provide a genuine solution to an array of common issues that can arise when frequenting a new and unknown location.

So, if you’re taking your favored electronic devices with you on vacation, be it a tablet or a smartphone, let’s take a look at some of the best apps for traveling that will certainly come in handy throughout your escapades in a foreign land.

Waze is a fantastic navigation app

Admittedly, if you’re catching taxis or taking long coach journeys, then you probably don’t need Waze, but if you’re hiring cars or vans and need a reliable navigation tool, then Waze is easily one of the top options around. Regarded as one of the best GPS navigation apps, the app keeps track of real-time road conditions, with Waze’s community of drivers updating fellow users as they embark on specific journeys. Waze is particularly good at making sure drivers aren’t heading towards big traffic jams or near any hazards, therefore providing drivers with a fast and more effective way of navigating new roads. Additionally, Waze comes with a range of customisable features, from selecting the voice that will guide you on your journey, to adding the type of vehicle you drive. It will even keep you posted on any upcoming speed cameras, too.

XE Currency Converter is ideal for trusted currency conversion

Transfer rates can become a tad tiresome, particularly if you’re embarking on an adventure through a number of different countries. As a result, apps like XE Currency Converter have been created to help keep travelers on top of any changing rates. The app enables users to track up to 20 different currencies at any time, while also making sure that you’re getting a good deal when dealing with a currency that you aren’t too familiar with.

Online casino apps serve up a strong selection of gaming products

While the stunning views and delicious cuisine might be delightful, sometimes boredom can set in during a holiday abroad, even just for a few minutes. As such, people, therefore, use the power of their devices, be it a phone or a tablet, to play a selection of games. Given the notable growth they have shown in recent times, online casino apps are a fantastic option thanks to a selection of enticing gaming opportunities. With casino gamers visiting reputable sites like Magic Red and Virgin Games, an array of gaming products become available in the process, from themed slot games to classic table products, such as poker and blackjack. These games can be sampled for a few minutes at a time or for a good few hours and represent a genuinely worthwhile gaming option alongside the downloadable products that people also sample in the App Store and Google Play.

Skyscanner is brilliant for finding cheap flights on the move

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Let’s face it, when you’re traveling around from country to country, it can be hard figuring out your next move and finding the cheapest flights. That’s where Skyscanner comes in, a helpful app that will allow you to search and compare the cheapest flights around, all within a few minutes. The app is slick and easy to use, it comes with detailed filtered searches that enable you to filter by price, number of stops, and a whole lot more, and it champions saving money on flights. After all, why pay extra for flights when Skyscanner can potentially find you an even cheaper option?

PackPoint is perfect for organizing your packing

Packing can become a pain. Sometimes souvenirs won’t fit or a bag’s just too heavy. Even worse, people can forget vitally important items, too. In order to combat any common issues that can occur when packing and to create a hassle-free packing experience, downloading PackPoint is the perfect solution. The app will create a tailored packing list that has been created with your holiday in mind. Then, from there, you can tick things off as you progress. PackPoint even offers weather forecasts, too.

Other viable options include Hopper, Culture Trip, Withlocals, and TheFork.

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