The Advantages of COB LED Lights: Efficiency and Brightness Combined

LED COB, which stands for light-emitting diode and chip on board, is a type of lighting source that uses COB technology to improve light efficiency and decrease loss.

One of the most cutting-edge LED technologies in the lighting business is LED COB chip-on-board technology. It is a method of assembly that involves directly mounting an array of diodes on a single substrate or printed circuit board. 

It appears to be a lighting panel due to the assembly method. This design requires only one circuit and two contacts, regardless of the number of diodes used. 

This arrangement can fit nine or even more diodes on a single chip, taking up less space while delivering more light. It is relatively compact, efficient, and bright when compared to earlier lights.

Where COB LED lights are different

When most people think of LEDs, they generally think of the Dual In-Line Package LED, which comprises of a chip housed in a cylindrical hard plastic. It is the most traditional, yet it is larger and more inefficient.

Actually, as technology advances, more efficient and powerful LED COB and LED SMD bulbs have emerged as the two most common types of bulbs. SMD LED lights, which stand for Surface-Mounted Device, are made up of diode chips that are permanently fused on the circuit board.

These two common modules are frequently referenced in the same sentence. However, there are numerous distinctions between them.

COB LED strip lights can support an array of more than 9 diodes, whereas SMD LED can only support 3 diodes. This accounts for the fact that its lighting is superior to that of a surface-mounted device.

The former can typically produce 100 lumens or more per watt, whilst the latter produces 50 to 100 lumens per watt.

The benefits of using COB LED lights

  1. Less heat is transmitted

COB LED strip lights have fewer components than traditional lights due to their simplicity of design. As a result, the heat created by the components is comparatively minimal as compared to traditional lights.

  1. More intense light

Because an array of light emitting diodes is put on a single substrate, the density is greater than that of other LED chips, resulting in high light intensity.

  1. Greater uniformity in light dispersion

A COB LED light transmits a rather homogeneous amount of light. It produces a clean and crisp shadow outline while illuminating a subject. As a result, it is highly suited for creating unusual lighting effects in photography, and it is popular among photographers and filmmakers.

  1. Highly efficient

COB LED chips have a higher watt ratio than earlier lightings. It provides a high amount of lumens per watt, up to 100, whereas standard ones only provide 20-50 lumens per watt. This creates diversity for home and business COB LED lighting.

  1. Dimensions are more condensed

The space between each diode is so small that the overall size of the LED COB light is quite small. This gives it a lot of versatility in terms of where it can be used.

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Written by Joshua White

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