Ta Ta Towel Net Worth 2023 NEW UPDATE – What happened to Ta Ta Towel after the Shark Tank?

Ta Ta Towel Net Worth 2023 NEW UPDATE - What happened to Ta Ta Towel after the Shark Tank

Ta Ta Towel is a successful business founded by Erin Robertson based in Los Angeles. Today, Ta Ta Towel has an estimated net worth is $2 million as of 2023. 

It’s a wearable towel that absorbs sweat under the breasts and the back of the neck. It also keeps breasts comfortable and free of rashes. At Shark Tank, Lori Greiner offered a deal of $200,000 for 40% while all the other sharks rejected Erin’s pitch.

We surfed through their official website, social media profiles, and magazines like VoyageLA as sources. Read more to know about their Latest update and Their Story So Far.

Ta Ta towel’s Net worth in 2023

The product by Erin Robertson won the praise of sharks as a good product. As of now, the company does well in business with enhanced and varied products. The estimated net worth of Ta Ta Towel is $2 million as of 2023. Their annual sales are estimated at around $800,000. 

Read Ta-Ta Towel’s worth and networth update in brief here.

How is Ta Ta towel doing now? [Latest update]

Ta Ta Towel is now a patented product (Patent Number US D771,903 S). The company achieved steady growth with more products in the catalog. That includes tube tops, head towels, and shorts. These products come in 20 different patterns and designs while facilitating many body sizes. 

“After getting the opportunity to be on Shark Tank and get a deal with Lori…I feel like I was just welcomed with open arms into an exclusive club,” Robertson tells CNBC Make It.

Ta Ta Towels also has an ambassador program named B(R)E(A)ST FRIENDS CLUB. This club offers its members gifts, rewards, and early access to products. 

Ta Ta Towel has achieved amazing growth in its social media pages too. 

  • Facebook page – Has 117k + followers. They share posts on products, self-esteem, and client reviews. The follower count and the reviews have grown a lot following the Shark Tank appearance.
  • Instagram page – Has 223k + followers and shares content on female body positivity. They take pride in being a women’s business and promote female confidence and strength. 
  • TikTok page – Has 261k + followers and shares product videos, client videos, and motivational videos for women. They started the TikTok account three years after the Shark Tank appearance

Currently, they ship to over 30 countries. But they don’t ship to Asia and Middle East regions yet.  

Read below to learn about its product specifications. 

What is the Ta-Ta Towel

According to their website, bras are perfect for any woman who nurses, breastfeeds, or just lounges around. Using comfy cotton material is their secret to combat boob sweat. They assure the softness of the fabrics with TENCELTM Modal as their blending partner for cotton. 

Anyone can buy the product either from their website or on Amazon US. They manufacture everything in Los Angeles and sell at quite affordable prices. 

  • Cotton Collection towels – $29.99. (Fabric combination – 82% Cotton, 18% Poly/Liner, 100% Modal)
  • Modal Luxury Line Towels – $34.99. (80% Siro Micro Modal, 20% Poly/Liner, 100% Modal)
  • Head towel – $22 
  • Toob Tops – $26

‘I would like women to view my product as something to give them relief, but also don’t take yourselves so seriously. It’s a boob towel, it’s hilarious, have fun with it!’. 

– Erin Robertson in the Founder’s Video 

How does Ta-Ta Towel work?

Who owns Ta-Ta Towels?

Ta Ta Towel’s owner and founder are Erin Robertson. Previously, she worked as a personal assistant for 13 years, which she hated.

One day, she was getting ready for a date. But she felt annoyed the whole day by the sweating under her breasts. The more she worried until an idea sparked in her mind to create a towel that comforts her breasts while she was getting ready. 

So, she borrowed a sewing machine from her friend though she was new to sewing. She watched tutorials on YouTube and was able to make her prototype. The business began operations in January 2015. In 2017, the company made $1.1 million in earnings. 

Erin revealed to VoyageLA magazine that two events helped her to take this product internationally. The first was the LA Women’s Expo where she was able to sell 24 towels. 

And the second was the popular and fun episode of Shark Tank. 

What happened at the Shark Tank

Ta Ta Towel appeared in the Shark Tank on season 10 in 2018.  

Erin accompanied three women who wore products as a demonstration. Every shark laughed so much as also were fascinated with her idea of a ‘booby business’. Erin gave each shark a towel to try out. What’s more, fun, Kevin O’Leary received a set of oranges to get the real feel. And he wore it throughout the whole pitch! 

The pitch soon turned intense. She was asking for $200,000 for 10%. 

Mark Cuban was the first to reject because he did not believe in another viral selling moment of the product. Kevin O’Leary was out next and for him, it was a scary investment though it was a great product. Robert Herjavec’s rejection remark was “hope is not a good strategy in business”. Barbara Corcoran had the same thoughts. 

Finally, Lori Greiner wanted to be a 50-50 partner of it. It was not possible for Erin as she had already owed 10% to an external investor. They finally agreed on $200,000 for 40%.

Here’s how the negotiations played out:

Let us see what happened after the pitch. 

Ta Ta towel Shark tank update – What happened After the Shark Tank

The business has been growing every year since its appearance on the Shark Tank. Apparently, they did not close Lori’s deal. However, with the popularity and publicity gained, Erin might have turned away a deal as big as 40% of her business. 

On October 15th, 2018, Lori Greiner gave a shout-out to Ta Ta Towel in a Tweet. She also advertise the product in QVC as promised, which led to more sales.  

They were able to reduce the price of a towel from $45 to $30, thanks to the increasing sales volume. 

Further, Money magazine with over 1 million followers featured Ta Ta Towel in a video in 2019. Also, it’s featured on today show.

Erin Robertson’s Ta Ta Towel is a successful business with a current net worth of close to $2 million. The company has been growing since the show.

Product review

The majority of the reviews mentioned one common fact – that Ta Ta Towel was comfortable. On Amazon, it got over a 4-star rating for both comfort and stretch. But the reviews for the ‘value for money fact were as low as 2.8 out of 5. 

I just watched this young woman make a deal with Lori on Shark Tank and I’m so excited! I have NEEDED one of these for many years

a client named Shelly Roser Pfluger wrote in the reviews. 

Their Facebook reviews were more positive, with an overall of 4.2 stars. Not just the ladies who needed it, but their husbands also loved the product. A buyer mentioned that he bought his wife a Ta Ta Towel after watching the episode on YouTube. 

Competitors of the company

Surprisingly, we can barely find a product similar to Ta Ta Towel. 

Brands like More of Me To Love offer bra liners as a solution to breast sweat. Stores like Fruit of the Loom and MeUndies do comfy cotton bras. But they do not have a bra product that serves the purpose as specific as Ta Ta Towel. 


Does Ta-Ta Towel work?

This bra helps in absorbing sweat under the breasts due to its cotton composition. It also prevents breastfeeding spills and under-boob rashes.

How much is Ta-Ta Towel worth?

The estimated net worth of Ta Ta Towel is $2 million.

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