Sullivan Generator is a scientific invention idea to generate electricity using the earth’s spin. Inventor Mark Sullivan appeared on Shark Tank Season 3 Episode 8. Unfortunately, he left the shark tank without a deal and is remembered as “the wacky scientist on Shark Tank.” 

However, the research site is still active in 2023, but further information about the research needs to be provided. According to USA Today, the Sullivan Generator is among the worst pitches in the Shark Tank History. But what happened to this electricity generator that can produce Gold? Read now and stay till the end of the article to find out more.

The Sullivan Generator Founder Mark Sullivan 

Mark Sullivan is an inventor from San Antonio, Texas. He has a degree in physics and biomedical engineering. But, there needs to be more information about his history available. 

He is a MENSA Society member and has multiple inventions with patents. Among them, his Cool Dung Buggy was a successful project. But Mr. Sullivan has not publicly appeared to discuss it further since his MENSA session in July 2012. 

He dreamed of generating electricity by harnessing the earth’s spin, so he invented the idea for it. We are still determining if this idea will succeed. However, there has yet to be an update about the Suvellian generator. 

The Shark Tank Appearance

Mark Sullivan pitched the Shark Tank Season 03 Episode 08, hoping $1 million for a 10% equity. Firstly, he explained the building and the process of the generator. Also, it produces valuable minerals like Gold and Manganese, which grab the Sharks’ attention. 

Mark planned to set up 200 generators, control them online, and change the world and anticipated $97 billion in the collection of Gold. However, Daymond Jhon decided not to invest as Mark Cuban followed him because he didn’t believe the time estimation. 

Robert Herjavec tried to come up with a $50,000 offer, while Babara decided to drop the deal. Kevin O. Leary also chose to refrain from investing. So, Herjavec also decided to refrain from investing. Despite not getting a deal, Sullivan remains determined to make the Sullivan Generator a reality.

What Happened to the Sullivan Generator After Shark Tank?

Unfortunately, Sullivan Generator didn’t get a chance to attract any investors even after the shark tank show. However, according to our research online, Mark appeared in the South Texas Mensa Society in 2012. After that, he published several other invention proposals and received patents.

“Also, it remains one of the weirdest and most complex products ever appearing in the shark tank history.”

What happened to Mark Sullivan after Shark Tank?

Mark Sullivan is a self-titled inventor. He claimed to have over 1000 inventions. And followingly, he has around 36 patents under his name. Sometimes, he earns donations from PayPal for his creations.

Cool Dune Buggy is one of the most famous inventions. It’s hard to find details about him online because there’s very little information available. Even though according to our research online, his net worth is $4 million as of 2023.

“ However, he became one of the most memorable people in the Shark Tank History.”

Does The Sullivan Generator work?

Sullivan Generator is still an idea generated by Mark Sullivan. According to him, it takes salty ocean water and removes all its minerals. Then, it collects the water vapor produced in a special spinning chamber. This spinning creates a powerful force, the Coriolis Effect, like a hurricane, which makes some turbines spin and generate electricity.

The inventor, Sullivan, says that this machine also leaves behind valuable minerals like Manganese and Gold. He says that for every massive amount of ocean water (1 cubic mile), you could get 1,500 tons of Gold. 

But to get that much water is a big task. So, Sullivan plans to build a very tall generator, about 100 feet high, to make it more efficient. Some physical research shows that its idea could not have been better, and according to their explanation, it was wasteful work.  

Public Perception

Many people have different ideas about the project and its practical aspect. According to Reddit answers, people say it might be impossible to make a machine big enough to use the Coriolis Effect to produce energy. Most people agree that we’d need a gigantic structure we can’t build with our current tech.

According to Quora form, only a few people support the Sullivan Generator because it’s mostly an idea. Some people are still excited about new energy-making methods, but most think it’s complicated. So, people are primarily curious but not sure it’ll ever work.


In conclusion, the Sullivan Generator featured on Shark Tank didn’t get investment. But. Mark Sullivan has been working on his inventions since then. The generator is supposed to make electricity from the Earth’s spin and get valuable minerals, but many people wonder if it can work, especially on a big scale. So, the future of the Suliman generator is still a mystery.


What Episode of Shark Tank has The Sullivan Generator?

Sullivan generator is an energy generator that can produce electricity using earth rotation. It appeared on Shark Tank Season 3 Episode 8.

Is The Sullivan Generator real?

No, Sullivan’s idea of using the Coriolis effect to make electricity from the Earth’s spinning could be more practical. When we try to build it on a human-built scale, the forces from the Coriolis effect are so tiny that they don’t matter to use large-scale production.

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