Struggling With Gift Ideas for Your Partner? Here Are 5 Ideas

Be honest – how many times have you found yourself scrambling at the last minute to find the perfect gift for your partner on their birthday, a holiday or your anniversary? Sometimes it can be super tricky to find a gift that not only speaks to the occasion, but shows how much they mean to you and how consistently you pay attention to the little things they say they love and want throughout the year?

At the end of the day, finding the perfect gift comes down to knowing your partner’s unique taste and finding something that will equally please them and warm their heart. For some people, that’s an intimate date night planned at their favorite restaurant. Others may be swept off their feet by something more practical, like a coffee maker, a nice perfume or even something like a straight razor or makeup kit. 

Planning out the perfect gift takes careful consideration and creativity, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. Here are five unique, fun ideas to spark your creativity next time you’re gift shopping:

Find Something You Can Both Enjoy Together

One of the most exciting things about celebrating a special occasion with your partner is the opportunity to turn it into something you can both enjoy together. If you’re looking to do something more unique than your usual romantic dinner or cozy night in, consider taking a class together or finding an affordable place to take your love for a spontaneous weekend getaway. Private cooking classes can be a romantic and fun way to bond and try new things, and many local bed and breakfasts may offer deals for locals or those who book on a weeknight. 

You’ll get bonus points if you choose an activity that your partner has been saying they want to try for a while or something that relates to a new hobby they’ve taken up or a new show they’ve been watching. For instance, if they’ve recently become obsessed with redecorating their home and finding new art, take an art or painting class together to create something they can hang up and treasure for years. 

Take Them On a Walk Down Memory Lane

Sometimes, the best gifts are those that take us back to a cherished time in life or allow us to take a break from the busy nature of everyday life to reminisce on times that made us happiest. Whether that’s a photo album filled with their favorite childhood photos or something that takes them back to the beginning of your relationship (like a special scavenger hunt through the places where you had your first few dates), they’re bound to be touched by the thought and effort that goes into planning something so meaningful.

If you really want to go above and beyond for a special occasion, reach out to their friends, colleagues and loved ones to submit a short note sharing their love for them (or a favorite memory) and compile them all into a special book. 

Make Their Everyday Beauty Routine a Little More Special

Does your partner love to take their time before bed doing an extravagant skincare routine? Do they love trying new products to liven up their look or help them take care of their existing style? Do they love trying new aromatherapy products to make their shower or bath even more rejuvenating?

A basket of new beauty products from fun brands could be the perfect gift for your partner. For instance, a basket with a fancy new straight razor, hair gel and a selection of lotions and candles is a great idea for someone who wants to amp up their morning routine. A gift basket of luxurious body scrubs, massage oils, and a couple new books is perfect for a partner who loves to lounge around in a bubble bath. Better yet, run them the bath yourself after a romantic dinner and date night. 

Make It a Multi-Part Gift

Who said a great gift has to fit into one single box? If you’re having a difficult time thinking of a gift for your partner, perhaps your thinking is simply too constrained!

Sometimes, the most exciting gift is simply a long date with the person you love. Here’s an idea: start their day off with their favorite breakfast in bed and a small gift they can open, like a piece of jewelry, a fidget ring,” a thoughtful love letter or a stunning bouquet of fresh flowers. Then, have them get ready and drive them to a secret romantic location where you’ve planned a picnic and painting session. After you’ve come home and decompressed a bit, it’s time for an amazing dinner, where you’ll present them with another small surprise to top off the night.

Gifts don’t have to be as expensive or challenging as we often make them out to be – at the end of the day, all our partners want is to feel loved and excited by the person they adore. 

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Written by Kesara Bandaragoda

GAG Staff

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