In this ongoing era of the COVID – 19 pandemic, remote office, flexible office hours and work from home are the ‘in’ things. As a result the concept of an office as a cubicle seems a little blur. In these times and age, for an employee office happens to be wherever the individual decides to work from on a given day. But everyone is not happy at the same time. There are employees – better called hybrids – who have to shuffle between remote working space and an office setup. They have to keep carrying the essentials between their office at home, the co-working space and anywhere in between.  

Let us explore few easy but effective tips in the following section to setup a great workspace in your home where you can find the adequate coziness and be at your productive best.

  • Less is sometimes more – go monochromatic

If you have a small den converted to an office, maintain a simple color palette with a monochrome shade.

  • Go for desk with storage drawers

Clutter in a tiny workspace makes the place look even smaller. Invest in a desk that offers storage facility like drawers and closets.

  • Find a neat, cozy corner

Set up your office desk at some unused and cozy corner of your home. The nook or the corner that is hardly used fit the bill the best.

  • Smartly share the space with your spouse – choose a double desk

If both you and your spouse are working from home and there is not enough space to set up two offices, invest in a longer desk that allows you sufficient space to work together side by side. 

But more than anything else, you need smart system for home security, like the San Antonio home security, that enables you control locks, lights, thermostat and even the surveillance cameras – everything from just one app. So there is zero hassle and no worry, as you know you are in charge and the solutions to smart aspects around your home lie right on your fingertip.

In the next step let us list down the key players in the major category of smart home

  • Illumination or lights – go for tiny bulbs – like Philips Hue – that are thoroughly controllable from the smartphone app. You can set up the brightness, colour and the temperature for a single light or a group of lights to make your office in the home space cozier and more comfortable.
  • Thermostat – You can regulate the HVAC system with greater ease with a good thermostat that has multiple sensors. 
  • Smart locks – this variety of smart home component varies widely in features. Some locks allow to lock the doors through the phone,, whereas some provide temporary access to your friend or a family member. There is yet another variety that allows you unlock the door just through a finger touch.
  • Doorbells with cameras – smart doorbells have integrated cameras such as Vivint doorbell camera to let you see who is at the door. Some other varieties alert you when you are not home and save video recordings in the cloud storage to be accessed later. 

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