SmartChartz Net Worth 2024 Update (Before & After Dragons’ Den)

SmartChartz, Picture system to discourage bad behavior in children, was started by Abiola Ajaye-Obe in August 2003. As of January 2024, SmartChartz net worth is not available. 

In 2006 they appeared on Dragons’ Den UK seeking £180,000 for 18% of equity valuing the company at £1,000,000. The Dragons all had an issue with Abiola Ajayi-obe’s attitude and her projections for the product. They thought that Ajayi-obe was not listening to their advice and was trying to correct the experts with no evidentiary support. The Dragons did not appreciate her comparing her product to the Mr Men children’s books.

SmartChartz founder Ajayi-obe ultimately did not succeed and the business was dissolved in 2016. There are no details about this company in social media.

SmartChartz Net Worth

Net worthN/A
Annual Sales RevenueN/A
Lifetime salesN/A
InvestorNo deal
FounderAbiola Ajaye-Obe

SmartChartz Net Worth Timeline

Net Worth 2024N/A
Net Worth 2022N/A
Net Worth 2021N/A
Net Worth 2020N/A
Net worth valuation 2003 after appearing on Dragons’ Den  N/A
Net worth valuation 2003 before appearing on Dragons’ Den  £1 million

SmartChartz Pitch on Dragons’ Den

Company nameSmartChartz
ProductPicture system to discourage bad behavior in children
EpisodeSeason 03 Episode 08
FounderAbiola Ajaye-Obe
Asked for£180,000 For 18% Equity
Final dealNo deal
Dragon / DragonsN/A

SmartChartz Founder

SmartChartz was founded by Abiola Ajaye-Obe in 2003. Abiola Ajayi-obe left her job as a hospital risk manager for the NHS to be a stay at home mom. She found it difficult to get her children to do what they should be doing like chores and being well mannered. She also had a problem with finding a way to discipline bad behavior in a constructive manner. SmartChartz’s founder Abiola Ajaye-Obe’s net worth is unknown as of 2024.

Key accomplishments:

2003Incorporated SmartChartz 
2006Appeared on Dragons den season 03


Some companies that appear on the show have not achieved great success, and the SmartChartz was one of them. Sometimes businesses don’t succeed for many reasons. Sometimes, the deal falls through after the founders say yes on camera. Or, as you’ll see, sometimes things happen to the founders themselves, and they choose to abandon the business. Anything is possible. However,  SmartChartz went out of business in 2016. And the product is no longer available in the market.

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