Sabri Suby Net Worth

Sabri Suby

Net Worth $74 million

Sabri Suby has become a formidable figure, notably known for his role as a shark in the Australian version of the reality TV series “Shark Tank.” Beyond the tank, Suby is the mastermind behind Australia’s fastest-growing digital marketing agency. Sabri is recognized for his strategic ingenuity and marketing prowess. His media appearances, including on Shark Tank, have significantly shaped his public profile, and he has made noteworthy investments and deals that have amplified his standing in the business world. Remarkably, Sabri Suby has a net worth of $74 million as of 2024.

Sabri Suby’s Net Worth 2024

As we enter 2024, Sabri Suby’s net worth is $74 million. His net worth stands as a testament to his success in the overlapping world of business. His positioning among the wealthiest individuals in these industries has remained robust, with a diverse array of investments bolstering his financial stature. 

How did Sabri Suby get rich?

Suby embarked on his journey to wealth with resilience and focus. He started from humble beginnings, armed with a mere $50 VOIP account and an old laptop, and built King Kong marketing into a multi-million dollar empire. Starting with relentless cold calls, he leveraged his sales and marketing talents to grow his company, defying the odds with hard work and strategic thinking.

Sabri Suby's Earnings from His Own Business

  • King Kong marketing is the principal engine behind the majority of Suby’s wealth. His company promises performance guarantees to its clients, where if benchmarks are not met, they don’t pay. This bold strategy has paid off handsomely. The exact annual earnings from King Kong are undisclosed, but it is the cornerstone of Suby’s financial success.

Is Sabri Suby from Shark Tank a billionaire?

Sabri Suby is not a billionaire but is considered among the millionaire ranks, with a net worth estimated at approximately $74 million.

Is Sabri Suby the richest shark?

In the Australian version of Shark Tank, it’s challenging to definitively position Suby as the richest. However, with his considerable fortune, he stands as one of the leading figures among his Shark Tank peers.

Sabri Suby Habits and Personal Strengths

Suby’s work ethic and personal habits reflect his strong entrepreneurial spirit. With a background of 18-hour workdays, he knows the value of dedication and resourcefulness. Details of his day-to-day life, typically kept personal, display his dedication to balance, as he ensures time with family alongside his professional commitments.

early life & background

Sabri Suby, raised by a single mother in Byron Bay, has shared inspirational stories of his early struggles before finding his stride in business. He achieved early success by making his first million by the age of 24, only to lose it and start over. His marriage was a turning point, leading him to establish King Kong marketing.


1 September 1985


Melbourne, Australia






Three daughters