Serhii Tokarev about Roosh Ventures’ Strategic Investment in GlassFlow: Revolutionizing Data Management and Real-Time Processing

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Serhii Tokarev, co-founder of Ukrainian venture company Roosh Ventures, recently announced a substantial investment in GlassFlow, a German startup pioneering the development of an innovative data management platform. This strategic move signifies a pivotal step in reshaping the landscape of real-time data processing and analytics.

Spearheaded by seasoned entrepreneurs Armend Avdiaj and Ashish Bagri, GlassFlow emerged in 2023, boasting over a decade of combined experience in the dynamic realm of real-time data manipulation. The startup’s vision revolves around simplifying complex data pipelines, empowering Python developers to effortlessly create and modify data processing stages.

The recent pre-seed funding round secured an impressive $1.1 million, attracting a consortium of investors, including High-Tech Gründerfonds, Robin Capital, TinyVC, and angel investors such as Thomas Domke, CEO of GitHub, and Heikki Nousiainen, co-founder of the open-source data platform Aiven.


Serhii Tokarev, an influential figure in the Ukrainian tech investment landscape and a co-founder of ROOSH, which includes Roosh Ventures as a pivotal part of its ecosystem, expressed his enthusiasm about the investment. Tokarev highlighted the complexity and potential of GlassFlow’s concept, citing the current $15 billion market for real-time data analytics, projected to surge beyond $50 billion by 2026. He confidently expressed his anticipation of GlassFlow becoming a cornerstone market player.

The core ethos of GlassFlow revolves around addressing a critical gap in the industry. Despite the continuous data influx stemming from Big Data, the Internet of Things, and AI, companies struggle to effectively harness and utilize this wealth of information due to infrastructure limitations. GlassFlow’s solution streamlines and simplifies the creation and management of data pipelines, aiming to mitigate the complexities inherent in existing systems.

CEO Armend Avdiaj emphasized GlassFlow’s mission, envisioning a world where data processing engineers, irrespective of their backgrounds, effortlessly leverage data streaming capabilities to drive innovation and growth. The startup aims to catalyze a transformation by simplifying data infrastructure and fostering an ecosystem grounded in authentic data.

Roosh Ventures’ investment strategy transcends mere financial backing. Over its three-year tenure, the fund has emerged as a significant player in the tech investment arena, with a focus on sectors like AI, fintech, gaming, and health tech. Notable investments include Deel, TheGuarantors, Oura, Pipe, Alma, Playco, Dapper Labs, Alter, and over 35 other companies, showcasing a commitment to innovative ventures with transformative potential.

In a separate investment development, Roosh Ventures recently backed Rollstack, a startup pioneering automated solutions for generating and updating presentations, financial reports, and business reviews. This investment showcases Roosh’s commitment to nurturing a technological ecosystem, providing crucial support to portfolio companies in integrating AI/ML technologies, talent acquisition, and overall business development.

With Roosh Ventures’ backing and GlassFlow’s innovative approach to data management, the stage is set for a paradigm shift in the realm of real-time data processing. As businesses increasingly recognize the importance of efficiently leveraging data, GlassFlow’s emergence as a key player in this space appears imminent, promising a transformative impact on how data-driven innovation unfolds in the years to come.

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Written by Joshua White


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