What Does a Full Suite of Investor Relations Look Like?

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What do Visa, Spotify, McDonalds, Walmart, and Netflix all have in common? Besides being some of the most widely known household brand names, they all use a full suite of Investor Relations (IR) services to curate their investment stories to the world. 

At a time when many IR services sell off their tools one by one, there are still some investor relations consulting services that provide the complete package. Here’s what a full suite of IR tools and services include: 

Dedicated IR Website

Having an online presence is mission-critical to your public company. It’s often the first place investors will look for information regarding your brand story and market performance. 

More importantly, it’s a necessary asset when convincing investors to become shareholders. A study shows over half of investors won’t invest in a public company that doesn’t have an IR site, and there’s little doubt as to why. In today’s digital world, your site demonstrates your credibility as a company. 

A beautiful, state-of-the-art website is part of a comprehensive suite of IR tools. The top IR services can help you design an engaging destination that delivers your investment case with clarity and creativity. 

IR CRM Platform

Another essential tool belonging to a suite of IR services is a cloud-based Customer Relations Management (CRM) platform. The cloud collapses the old, siloed IR strategy to consolidate all your information into one place. 

This new way of doing things promises efficiency and convenience, as your analytics, monitoring tools, and investor relationship information are only a few clicks away at any point. 

Real-Time Monitoring

Are you building your strategy around quarter-end public shareholder reports? This leaves you at a disadvantage. The recent headlines regarding meme stocks and GameStop serve as reminders that the market can move at an accelerated rate, so quarter-end analytics might already be out-of-date.  

A full IR suite provides you with the tools you need to monitor shareholder movements in real-time, and it delivers essential insights and analytics to understand their motivations. This surveillance gives you the agility to make timely, informed decisions. 

Virtual Events

The global pandemic has revolutionized the way the corporate world gets together, moving capital market days and AGMs from conference centers to the digital space. An IR service can help your company arrive there with confidence by providing a state-of-the-art platform for any event.

  • Analyst days
  • Corporate announcements
  • Corporate town halls
  • Earnings
  • Investor days
  • Roadshows

Whether you have an earnings announcement coming up or simply want to share a webinar on your site, the right IR tool can help you deliver an engaging virtual event that keeps your investment community connected. 

More still, the best IR tools come with experienced event managers that help you hone your message to resonate with a global audience. They’ll advise you on the best ways to organize your events so that your message reaches the right investors at the right time.

A Full Suite of IR Tools Breaks Down Barriers

From an IR site to a virtual event platform, these tools are essential to your IR strategy. You can boost their individual impact on your success by consolidating them together.