QR Code Showdown Paid vs. Free – Who Wins the Battle

QR Code Showdown: Paid vs. Free – Who Wins the Battle?


These days, you’ll find QR codes almost everywhere, thanks to their diverse use cases. They are not just QR codes for making payments but also for:

  • Downloading promotional materials and applications
  • Accessing restaurant menus
  • Accessing control systems
  • Marketing and more

The fuss is real! And if you’re new to these little squares with black and white patterns, you need to explore the world of Quick Response codes to find out more. The first thing you’ll notice once you start exploring this world of wonders is that two types exist: free QR code maker and paid QR code maker.

So which way should you go? Do you have to pay for generating a Quick Response code? Or create one free? These are questions that often confound businesses and individuals starting their QR code expedition. When picking the right QR code maker for your business, the paid vs. free dilemma can easily put you at a crossroads.

To ease your decision-making process, experts designed and created this comparison article. You’ll be able to make the right decision for your business once you complete reading. Let’s read on for more information.

Free QR Code Generators: What is So Good about Them?

Free QR code makers exist. These generators allow users to create basic Quick Response codes without any upfront expense. Many businesses, particularly those with one-time campaigns or budget constraints, find these free QR code makers attractive.

However, it is vital to understand that there might be a trade-off when opting for these QR makers. These generators come with some features that first-time users simply can’t resist. So, what are these features? Let’s find out.

  • You can generate various types of Quick Response codes without having to spend even a penny, including video, social media, digital business cards, and more.
  • Most QR code makers come with basic customization options, meaning you can add text and a logo and change the color of your Quick Response code.
  • A few reliable and free QR code makers offer dynamic Quick Response codes but for a limited period. This means you can update your information without having to re-print or re-create the QR code.

You can enjoy all these features free of charge with the right free QR code maker. Now, what do you miss out on when using a free QR code generator?

Paid QR Code Generators: Why Are They Better?

Free options, in most cases, have limitations in support, functionality, and features. This limitation can significantly impact the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. The idea of paying for something simply means getting more.

You’ll enjoy all the features of a free QR code maker and discover new capabilities. In addition to the features and benefits of free QR code makers listed above, a paid Quick Response service will also provide you with the following:


Most free Quick Response code makers only allow users to create static QR codes. That means once you generate the Quick Response code, you cannot make any changes. But with paid Quick Response generators, you can create editable or dynamic QR codes.

This capability allows you to update your content even after distributing your Quick Response code. For example, you can be able to edit your Quick Response code destination link and even alter the embedded files like images and PDFs without having to substitute the live QR code.

Your users will see the content you’ve updated once you complete making the changes in the backend. That means you save your valuable time, printing costs, and resources.


Integrations are usually vital for maximizing the benefits and functionalities of Quick Response makers. Free QR code generators may not provide the same integration capabilities as their paid counterparts.

If you are using a high-quality QR code generator platform, you can enjoy up to 4,000+ integrations through multiple solutions and also get API access for continuous workflows.


Free QR code makers serve basic needs. However, they lack the scalability needed for bulk Quick Response code generation. Paid versions are more useful when you want to create many QR codes simultaneously. You can create hundreds of Quick Response codes in minutes with the right platform. Most reliable QR code makers have a bulk QR code generation feature.

All you need is to submit a request for bulk Quick Response code generation. You’ll get a notification through your email once the generation process has started and when your Quick Response codes are ready.

For a batch size of anywhere between 100 and 500 Quick Response codes, the generation process can take a maximum of one minute. And for a batch size of between 1,000 and 2,000 Quick Response codes, the generation process can take a maximum of four minutes.


Most free Quick Response code makers mightn’t prioritize security. This leaves QR codes vulnerable to data breaches and malicious alterations. In contrast, the paid versions implement advanced security measures to help protect your Quick Response codes and the linked content from phishing and other types of cyber-attacks.

This ensures a safe environment for QR code scanners and users. The best provider will ensure your data is protected with state-of-the-art security measures.

Tracking and Analytics

Want to understand campaign effectiveness and customer behavior? You need to track the performance of your Quick Response codes. Free QR code makers might lack comprehensive analytics and tracking features, leaving users with limited insights.

Paid Quick Response code generators provide users with access to comprehensive QR code tracking data to help them optimize their marketing efforts, including:

  • Scan rates
  • Engagement metrics
  • User location and more

If you partner with the right QR code maker service provider, you’ll get a platform with an extensive performance dashboard that always keeps you updated about all of your campaigns and the performance of your QR codes. This feature allows you to know:

  • The number of scans
  • Location and time of scans
  • Devices used to scan
  • Unique users who scan your QR code for the first time


Free Quick Response code creators come with limited customization options. As a user, you mightn’t incorporate all of your brand’s design preferences or elements, resulting in Quick Response codes that don’t align with your branding strategy. Paid versions of QR makers are customizable.

They allow you to design and create custom QR codes that reflect the identity of your brand and boost its recognition. A top-rated platform will allow you to customize every aspect of your Quick Response code, including:

  • Choosing from templates and shapes
  • Adding a logo
  • Changing the eye shape and color
  • Changing the pattern design
  • Adding background images and more

QR Code Maker Final Remarks

Most of the paid QR code makers come with free trial versions that allow you to experience the solution prior to completing a purchase. Paid QR code generators also allow you to scale up and safeguard your and the users’ data at all times. According to the features, benefits, and capabilities discussed in this article, a paid QR code maker wins the battle!

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Written by Joshua White

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