If you’re unable to make the most of your internet experience for whatever reason it might be, a VPN has got your back. From unblocking restricted TV shows/movies to state-of-the-art online privacy and security, a VPN offers a mix of both worlds packed in one software/app.

Here are the reasons where a VPN will enhance your online experience:

Access blocked content

A VPN provides the user with the ability to manipulate their IP address. By doing so, you can choose another IP address of a different location other than yours and disguise yourself as someone originating from that chosen location.

With the power to virtually roam around the world at any time, you can spoof your device and the websites into thinking you’re browsing from a different location. In the process, you can bypass geo-restrictions put in place by governments or websites and gain instant access to their local content. 

Stream local content

With the ability to disguise yourself as a local resident, a VPN unlocks a plethora of options for you. You can watch local news, TV channels, gain insights on the daily happenings and so much more when connected to the VPN.

Watch sports events

Whether it’s the Olympics or any other sports event, nearly all of them are limited to a particular region. With a VPN, you can simply connect to the location where the sports event is being aired and can stream the event from any corner of the globe.

Stream local events

If you’re an expat, you probably miss a lot of things happening back home. With no other way to stay updated with what’s happening in other parts of the world, a VPN enables you to connect to the local channels and stream the latest news and happenings.

Unlock Netflix libraries

If you’re a Netflix user, you know Netflix does not offer its full catalogue of TV shows and movies for its users across the globe. There are regional restrictions which limit the content and library. However, Netflix US offers a full range of TV shows and movies. You can connect to the US IP address with a VPN to access unrestricted content.

Evade buffering and ISP throttling

There’s only much that an ISP can provide to each user. As soon as your ISP notices an influx of bandwidth consumption, they begin to throttle your internet connection. This results in sluggish internet speeds and poor streaming experience. A VPN routes your internet traffic via its secure tunnel, meaning your ISP is unaware of your bandwidth consumption.

Enhance the online gaming experience

There are multiple blockades when it comes to online gaming. Get around regional restrictions and blocked ports issue via port forwarding. Also, avail deals and discounts on games by connecting to a location where they are cheaper.

Maximize deals and discounts

When you’re looking for airline tickets or hotel accommodation, you’d be shocked to know that the prices vary across countries. Simply connect with a VPN and hop from one country to another to find out which one is offering lower prices.

Split your internet traffic

Modern day VPN providers offer what’s known as split tunneling feature. This ingenious feature routes your internet traffic via the secure VPN tunnel and your ISP simultaneously. This enables users to select which traffic should flow via the private network and the other via their local ISP.

Beef up your digital existence

Online privacy and security is of utmost importance in today’s time where cyberattacks and data breaches are all too fairly common. A VPN secures your internet traffic via military-grade AES 256-bit encryption and ensures that your online communications are safe from prying eyes.

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