Pulp Pantry is a snack food company that upcycled vegetable juice pulp into chips. It appeared in Shark Tank season 13, episode 22. The founder, Kaitlin Mogentalle, entered the show with the hope of $500k for 10% of her company. But accept the offer from Mark Cuban of $500k for 17% of the company. As of 2023, the Pulp Pantry has an estimated net worth of $500,000 and is successfully in business this year. Along with that The founder, Kaitlin Mogentalle holds a net worth of $415,000.

But how does Pulp Pantry reach this much net worth after Shark Tank? Let’s find out more.

How Much Is Pulp Pantry’s Net Worth In 2023? 

Pulp Pantry has a net worth of around $500,000 in 2023. And its annual revenue is estimated at around $100k to $5 million this year. Pulp Pantry’s chip bag costs $1.70 to produce and sells wholesale for $3.24 while on-shelf at $4.99 -$5.49. And the company’s sales were just under $250,000 in 2021, and they hoped to expand to $500 000 at the end of 2022. Also, the company had spent over $700,000 on marketing, and the owner’s savings were under $20,000 at the time appearing in the show. However, the offer was accepted and finalized.

Here is an update on Pulp Pantry’s net worth so far.

Pulp Pantry’s Net worth before appearing on Shark Tank (2022)$5 Million (business valuation)
Pulp Pantry’s Current Net Worth (2023) $500,000

Pulp Pantry’s founder Kaitlin Mogentale has a net worth of 500,000 USD as of 2023. And knowing how the company is doing is important.

How Is The Pulp Pantry Doing Now? 

Pulp Pantry is successfully still in business in April 2023. And the company received a lot of attention soon after the Shark Tank show officially aired. And it received endorsements from celebrities like Mindy Kaling. With that success, now it’s available at Whole Foods Market and Sprout’s Farmer’s Market with few online marketplaces.

Not only that, Kaitlin Mogentalle got a chance to speak at Upcycle Food Association panel. Followingly it received the honor of natural products of the coveted NEXTY for Best New Salty Snack in 2022. 

Also, it has been featured in famous publications like NPR, SnackNation, and LA Weekly. With that, everyone is interested to know what this chip is.

What is Pulp Pantry?

Pulp Pantry is a snack production company that makes chips using vegetable pulp. Most of the sources are vegetable pulp from larger manufacturers. And because of that, it does not contain any potato starch and low carbs than tortilla chips. So, it’s gluten-free and trusted to produce without grains.

Also, its produced with fresh non-GMO fresh vegetables. And it makes it safe to eat for vegans.

Followingly the product comes in flavors like Barbecue, Jalapeno lime, salt, and vinegar with sea salt flavor. 

Because of this, everyone is curious about who is the founder and the owner.

Who owns Pulp Pantry?

Kaitlin Mogentalle is the founder and the owner of the Pulp Pantry snack company. She graduated with a Bachelor of Environmental Studies from the University of Southern California in 2015. 

Then She studied Urban Design, Environmental Management, Geographic Information Systems, and Earth Sciences at the University of Queensland.

Followingly, she is a volunteer strategist at think-impact and worked as a teaching assistant before starting the pulp factory in 2019.

What Happened To Pulp Pantry In Shark Tank?

Kaitlin Mogentalle entered the Shark Tank hoping for $500k for 10% of her snack company. She explained her company enthusiastically and let the Sharks try the product. 

However, the Sharks were impressed with the idea behind the product. But sharks are concerned about Kaitlin’s need for savings and expenses.

With that, Barbara Corcoran decided to drop the deal first. However, She received an offer from Kevin Oleary for $500k for 25% of the company. 

Emma Grade decided to drop the deal next. But Lori Greiner offers her $500k as a loan and 6% of interest with 10% of equity.

But then Mark Cuban came up with an offer of $500k for 20% of shares. However, finally, after some negotiations, Kaitlin agreed on the deal of $500k for 17% with Mark Cuban.

Pulp Pantry Shark Tank Update – What Happened After the Shark Tank?

After receiving three deals, Pulp Pantry accepted the deal with Shark Mark Cuban. It received more customer attention of the amazing idea behind the product. So it got a chance to feature in several famous magazines. And received some awards in the sustainable food industry. 

The company connected with many retailers like fresh thyme and online marketplaces, expanding the business. However, some celebrities and products like Bitchinasause also praised the product.

Followingly it organized events and giveaways with new offers. So, the product has five stars on Facebook and frequently updates social media about its products.

Pulp Pantry| Product Review

Pulp Pantry has received positive reviews since the beginning. The owner’s idea of upcycling food waste got more attention.

So, many people gathered around the product soon after the show aired. And many customers appreciated it as a healthy chip alternative to potato chips. Also, the crunchiness and the flavors attracted them. And the product has received more than five stars on Amazon. Also, the customers were happy to receive more fiber with fewer calories. 

With that, some want to know if Pulp Pantry has any alternatives.

Who are the competitors of Pulp Pantry?

Few companies are producing similar products. So, according to Owler Rise, Frito Lay, and Regranded are the competitors and the potential alternative for the pulp factory.


How Is Pulp Pantry Doing After Shark Tank?

Pulp Pantry is successfully in business as of April 2023. And now, the company is expanding the brand by connecting new retailers.

Did Pulp Pantry Go Out Of Business?

No, Pulp Pantry is still in business as of 2023. And the company sells products online and in the offline market.

What Is The Revenue Of Pulp Pantry?

The company still needs to reveal the revenue after the Shark Tank. However, online records show that its yearly revenue is estimated at around $100k-$5 million. 

Who Is The Founder Of The Pulp Pantry?

Kaitlin Mogentalle is the founder and the owner of the Pulp Pantry snack company. 

Is Pulp Pantry Vegan?

Yes, Pulp Pantry is 100% vegan. And it’s safe for vegan users to eat Pulp Pantry C

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