Plop Star, a bathroom deodorizer, was started by Tyler Jay in 2018. Plop Star net worth was $1.5 million at the time of their pitch in 2019 based on the $150,000 offer for an 10% of equity of the company. 

They appeared on season 11 of Shark Tank Australia in 2019. But the Sharks were not interested in investing in Plop Star. Several existing products addressed similar toileting concerns, raising doubts about Plop Star’s ability to stand out and capture significant market share.

Plop Star is not in business any more.  They ended their business journey in 2021. And it is not clear the exact reason for that.

Plop Star Net Worth

Net worth$1.5 million (2019)
Annual Sales Revenue
Lifetime sales
FounderTyler Jay

Plop Star Net Worth Timeline

Net Worth 2024
Net Worth 2023
Net worth valuation 2019 after appearing on Shark Tank  N/E
Net worth valuation 2019 before appearing on Shark Tank  $1.5 million

Plop Star Pitch on Shark Tank

ProductBathroom deodorizer
EpisodeSeason 11 Episode 04
Founder Tyler Jay
Asked for$150,000 in exchange for 10% equity
Company namePlop Star
Final dealNone
Shark None
LocationWestern Springs, Illinois, USA

Plop Star Founder

Plop Star was founded by Tyler Jay in 2018. He is a Chicago-based entrepreneur. Tyler Jay is the owner of Tandem Inc., a production company involved in various creative projects. Prior to Plop Star, he balanced Tandem with his family life. The networth of Plop Star’s founder, Tyler Jay, is unknown as of 2024.

Key accomplishments

2019Appeared on Shark Tank season 11
2021Featured in various online and print publications, further expanding their reach and brand awareness.
2022Despite facing challenges, Plop Star remained operational and adapted their approach, including focusing on online sales through Amazon.


Some companies that appear on the show have not achieved great success, and the Plop Star was one of them. Sometimes businesses don’t succeed because of many reasons. Sometimes, the deal falls through after the founders say yes on camera. Or, as you’ll see, sometimes things happen to the founders themselves, and they choose to abandon the business. Anything is possible. However,  Plop Star went out of business in 2021. And the product is no longer available in the market.

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