Peak Chocolate is a pre-training healthy chocolate bar-making company. This was started by Raph Freedman & Rory Boyden in 2015. Peak Chocolate’s net worth was $500,000  at the time of their pitch in 2017, based on the $50,000 offer for 10% of the equity of the company. 

They appeared on Season 3 of Shark Tank Australia in 2017. But, the Sharks were not interested in investing in Peak Chocolate.

Peak Chocolate had to depart the show without receiving any offers from the sharks. However, after the show, Peak Chocolate managed to continue its business while boosting sales. As of January 2024, Peak Chocolate is fully operating their business. You can purchase their products through the company website as well as selected stores.  

Peak Chocolate Net Worth

Net worth$500,000, business valuation (2017)
Annual Sales Revenue$420,000 (2019)
Lifetime sales
FounderRaph Freedman and Rory Boyden

Peak Chocolate Net Worth Timeline

Net Worth 2024Not available 
Net Worth 2023Not available
Net worth valuation in 2017 before appearing on Shark Tank  $500,000 (business valuation)

Peak Chocolate Pitch on Shark Tank

ProductPre-training healthy chocolate bars
EpisodeSeason 03 Episode 10
Founders Raph Freedman & Rory Boyden 
Asked for$50,000 For 10% equity
Company namePeak Chocolate
Final dealNo deal
Shark No shark
LocationBondi, New South Wales 

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Peak Chocolate Founders

Raph Freedman & Rory Boyden founded Peak Chocolate in 2017.  Raph graduated from the University of New South Wales, completing his Bachelor of Commerce. He also studied International Law at the University of Amsterdam. He has years of experience in Nutrition Coaching, Executive Health Coaching, Personal Training, and Corporate Wellness Programs Management. Rory has professional expertise in Fitness. He trained at the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association and the Australia Institute of Fitness. He is also an athlete. Peak Chocolate’s founders, Raph Freedman & Rory Boyden’s net worths are unknown as of 2024.

Key accomplishments

2017Peak chocolate was featured in Shark Tank.


From their beginnings on Shark Tank to their current status as a thriving business, they have proven that with the right idea and execution, anything is possible. We can’t wait to see the future for Peak Chocolate and its continued success.

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