How to Convert PDF to DWG [Windows/Mac/Online]

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How to Convert PDF to DWG

DWG file formats are essential for architectural and engineering works. This is because the layers, object properties, and dimensions are often lost when you convert CAD files to PDF. It is possible to recover the original format by converting the file to DWG, ensuring the accurate preservation of the drawing information. Another problem with PDF is that it is difficult to edit the document. So, professionals working in these industries often need to convert PDF files to DWG when they have to edit drawings that are in PDF format. These professionals get documents in PDF forms as it is a popular file format that preserves the fonts and layouts of the original document. The problem is that the PDF needs to be edited using CAD software. As a result, they have to convert these files to DWG format before editing them. DWG format can store 2D and 3D data. 

Those professionals who have to do product planning, designing, or creating building plans should convert PDF to DWG files frequently. So, a reliable PDF to DWG converter is necessary. There are many such converters available in the market today. However, you need to choose one carefully so that the file after conversion retains the text, color, and layout of the original PDF file. Here, we recommend some tools that you can pick to convert your PDF file to DWG format every day.

How to Convert PDF to DWG on Windows

If you are looking for a PDF to DWG converter for Windows, choose Swifdoo PDF. This software provides guaranteed security for your files. So you can convert and share sensitive documents comfortably. The tool doesn’t retain your files; therefore, other users won’t view them. This is the only tool that offers you a good conversion speed. You can transform PDF documents into DWG files within a few seconds. SwifDoo is famous for Windows; however, you can use it with other platforms like Mac, Android, and Linux. 

The process of converting the file from PDF to DWG is simple. You need to download the SwifDoo PDF and install it on your device. Then, on the navigation bar at the top, you will find the option ‘Convert.’ Choose ‘PDF to More’ and then ‘PDF to CAD.’ After that, upload the file you want to convert and choose .dwg as the extension for your converted file. When you click ‘Start,’ it will take less than three seconds to convert your PDF file to DWG format. After converting your file, you will notice that the original format remains. The best part of this tool is that, unlike other tools, it doesn’t offer you a limited free trial period. You can use the online version of Swifdoo PDF for free forever. The online version is also easy to use. You must open the SwifDoo browser and go to the PDF to CAD page. Then, select the PDF file you want to convert. Your file will change to DWG format quickly. Now, download the file and save it in a particular folder. 

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How to Convert PDF to DWG on Mac

If you are a Mac user, you won’t be able to edit or convert your designs in any random program. Scan2CAD is a tool specially designed for Mac users. The process of converting the PDF file to DWG is easy and quick. You need to load your file using the Scan2CAD tool. If the file has raster images, you need to clean the image before converting. You must click on the ‘Clean image’ button and preview the image before starting the conversion process. Click on ‘Run’ to convert your file to DWG format. Scan2CAD will efficiently convert complex drawings like engineering diagrams, site plans, or architectural representations. It has raster and vector editing tools to fine-tune your document before conversion. It has OCR functionality to convert raster text to TrueType, which is editable. 

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How to Convert PDF to DWG Online

One of the best online tools for PDF to DWG file conversion is Zamzar. After the conversion process ends, you can save your file to a specific folder in Google Drive, DropBox, or your device. Zamzar doesn’t require installation or downloading; thus, it saves your device space. It has a user-friendly interface that converts PDFs to DWGs in a short time. It would help if you had a good internet connection to use these tools to convert files from PDF to DWG. You can convert your file to various CAD files, such as DWG, DFX, and others. You can also convert the files to the other way round. Zamazar offers a compression service as well. Though you can use the free version to convert your file, the paid version has more features. You can edit your document more precisely using the advanced features of this PDF converter tool. 


DWG is the most used file format when people work with AutoCAD for engineering, manufacturing, or architectural projects. DWG format allows 2D and 3D graphics. Therefore, designers have lots of options for their designs. These professionals frequently have to convert their PDF files to DWG. Among the different tools available, SwifDoo is highly recommended. It is not only fast but also provides the best results. Your original file format will not alter after the conversion. You can convert multiple and complex files together. It offers lots of features for seamless editing. This tool is used in more than 160 countries, showing how popular and widely accepted the tool has become. 

SwifDoo PDF is suitable for both home and professional users. So, whether you need to convert your PDF file to DWG for college assignments or office projects, the tool will complete the task in seconds. SwifDoo PDF will solve any PDF-related problems instantly, thus ensuring the best quality conversion. You can easily convert office documents, CAD drawings, and other PDF files to DWG format. After converting the file to DWG format, design professionals can collaborate with other team members to make modifications.