Understanding the Role of a Paternity Lawyer in Establishing Fatherhood and Custody Rights

Paternity Lawyer in Establishing Fatherhood and Custody Rights

Being a dad can be tough, especially when it comes to understanding your custody rights. Look at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s ongoing public custody battle after their 2016 divorce. It’s gotten so bad that Mr. Pitt stepped back from seeking 50/50 custody, highlighting the obstacles fathers face.

But there’s help through a paternity lawyer. These legal experts are key in defining paternity and ensuring a father’s role in their child’s life. Let’s explore how a paternity attorney can help secure custody rights.

What Does It Mean to Define Paternity?

Paternity is about legally identifying if a man is a child’s father. This is important because it comes with rights and responsibilities like spending time with the child.

How a Paternity Lawyer Can Help Establish Paternity

A paternity lawyer specializes in establishing legal fatherhood. They file the necessary paperwork and represent fathers in court to prove or disprove paternity through DNA testing. Securing a legal determination of paternity ensures fathers gain legal rights.

How Long Do You Have to Establish Paternity?

Ever wonder, how long does a father have to establish paternity? The answer depends on where you live.

Some places give you a few years, while others might have different rules. That’s why talking to a paternity lawyer is a smart move. They can give you all the specifics based on your situation.

The Rights of a Father Once Paternity Is Established

After confirming paternity, doors open for you as a dad. You get the right to spend time with your child through custody or visits. You can also have them on your health plan, help decide big things in their life, pay child support, and even list them as dependents on your taxes.

The Role of an Adjudicated Father

After the court recognizes you as the father, you might need to support your child financially. Also, you get a say in how your child is raised and where they live.

You might want to be the custodial parent or arrange regular visits. A paternity attorney can help set all this up.

Finding a Paternity Lawyer

Utah’s premier father’s rights attorney could be your best bet. They’re known for defending dads and making sure the law treats you fairly. 

For those not in Utah, seek attorneys in your area who specialize in father’s rights and family law. Look for professionals with strong reviews and a proven track record of success in paternity cases.

Many lawyers offer free initial consultations. These are great opportunities to discuss your case and assess their capability to help you. Also, consider contacting your local or state bar associations for further recommendations.

Securing Your Role as a Dad

Being a dad comes with a lot of joys and responsibilities. Establishing paternity is the first big step in being part of your child’s life. Should you face any complications, a paternity lawyer can guide you, protecting your rights and your child’s well-being.

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