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Middle East-UAE is the hub of car lovers, with an interest in vintage cars, modern luxury cars, sports cars, or SUVs.

Even if you aren’t a car lover, you need one for your day-to-day routine. We are sure of that. Or if you have shifted to UAE, you might be looking for a new or used car for you.

Nowadays, in the super busy schedule people don’t have that much time to look manually for car deals in UAE. They usually prefer a classified website to do this job for them. And if you are looking to buy or sell a car, then OpenSooq is the best and most reliable online go-to platform for cars for sale in the UAE.

What OpenSooq offers?

OpenSooq is the ultimate classified website where you can find cars for sale and purchase at the best possible prices. It has gained popularity and recognition as a leading online classified platform among the expatriates and locals of the UAE in a short time.

Whether you are looking for cars for sale in Dubai or any other part of the UAE, OpenSooq can be your helping hand in doing so. It deals in both, selling a brand new or a used car efficiently.

Now, let’s get into how to sell your car using the OpenSooq platform.

How to prepare your car for sale?

Before putting your car for sale on OpenSooq, you first need to prepare a few things to grab a good price against it:

Clean Your Car Inside and Out

To make your car more attractive, wash the exterior of your car at home or take it to the car wash station to give a nice cleaning treatment. For inside, collect all your items, check cabins, etc. and clean the interior using a vacuum.

Quick Fix Any Minor Issues

Check your car thoroughly for any minor issues like issues with light, and its intensity, check fluid levels, and also inspect for any broken car accessories. Resolve these issues before getting it sold.

Gather All Relevant Documents

Before putting up your car for sale make sure to gather all the important documents of your car that include car registration, MOT certificates, service, and car title documents.

Take Professional Photos

You need to present your car in the best possible way and that can be done by clicking professional photos of your car’s exterior as well as interior.

How to price your car for sale?

Before posting an ad for a car for sale on OpenSooq, finalize the price at which you want to sell it. Here are the things you should consider while pricing:

  • Visit OpenSooq and search for similar cars with the same conditions and company as yours and try to compare them with your car. Consider it your competitor and come up with a price near to the already listed cars under this category.
  • It is always best to do a little market research before selling anything. Consider the market trends and demands of your car.
  • Remember to check and inspect the condition of your car. An owner knows the best about it. Based on the condition of your car, come up with a competitive price and post an ad on OpenSooq.

How to write a good ad for your car?

The most important step to selling a car on OpenSooq is writing and publishing an ad for your car. Consider these important points while writing an ad:

  • Always write a concise, to-the-point, and clear title of the ad to let the buyer know immediately what he is looking for.
  • Include all the important details about your car in the ad and double-check them.
  • Next, include clear and professional photos of your car.
  • And lastly, add relevant and optimized keywords to your ad for people to find you easily.

How to Respond to Inquiries About Your Car On OpenSooq?

Whenever buyers reach out to you, they will have some inquiries about your car, which you should address accurately:

  • Be very polite and greet the buyer and thank him for showing interest in your car.
  • Provide accurate and honest answers to their questions without being annoyed.
  • Don’t bluff about anything bluntly and give a rational opinion.
  • Upon negotiation, don’t be dominant and harsh. Gently put your price to them with a possible reason.
  • If they ask for test drives, schedule a test drive and make sure to fulfill your commitment.

How to Close The Deal and Sell Your Car?

OpenSooq provides a reliable online platform where you can directly come in contact to sell your car. We hope you will find a potential buyer with us and close your deal here.

  • After negotiating on the price, with mutual consent come up with a price and don’t delay if you think it’s a fair deal.
  • Complete the paperwork required to transfer the car to the new owner and get them signed.
  • This is up to you to set a date to deliver your car to the new owner and get paid.

Wrapping up

OpenSooq is a user-friendly classified platform to sell, buy or rent a car. Not only cars and bikes, but OpenSooq also offers many other categories and services.

If you have cars for sale, put an ad on OpenSooq and get potential buyers with a few simple clicks.

What do you think?

Written by Joshua White


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