In this world of digital era many software and online tools are available that have created ease in our lives. To make daily activities easy we can make use of them. Among them, OCR is a big evolution we have seen. OCR is an optical character recognition technology that works on scanned images to extract text from it and convert it to editable documents.  Not at the individual level but it is supporting businesses and companies in assisting their data entry, storing, and sharing documents.

How JPG to PDF help businesses?

Almost 60% of the businesses are taking help from OCR technology. Documents such as invoices, forms, and receipts are in printable form. To find particular text is difficult to search among them therefore it is converted first to a pdf or Word file. The extracted text is then used to create a financial statement or any other document. Behind jpg to pdf conversion is the use of OCR technology. This is how an OCR technology helps business

Automating workflow

The business operation includes customer documentation. Usually, people fill out forms manually for application or admission. The data has to be digitized for further processing. An ocr technology processes the data through scanning. A scanned document is in image form it is then converted to a PDF file for editing the data. Hence manual data entry can be avoided which is time time-consuming task.

Less Error

In manual data, a person can make mistakes and is more prone to errors. With the help of OCR technology data is copied as it is. You get your work done in a few minutes which would take hours to enter manually. The entire process becomes easier for businesses and employees thus improving business efficiency.

Real-time accessibility

Data searching is difficult in multiple image formats. Any software does not allow searching an image. An image can not be searched therefore an image to text convert is required. The access to particular information increases. It is possible due to OCR technology which allows us to search data due to PDF or text formatting. PDF reader or software or any text-based software allows searching options for text.

Cloud Storage

Any company documents can be saved if it is in digitized form. Data is saved from being stolen, lost, or accessed by unauthorized persons. If it were in hard form it could have accessed to any medical staff. Cloud storage has secured data efficiently and it can easily be searched by typing file name. Within the file, any information can be searched if it is in PDF form. From any smart device whether it be a laptop or smartphone we can access the document online.

What type of business uses OCR?

An OCR is used by many businesses and companies. From the banking sector to healthcare every industry is taking advantage of the new technology.

Banking sector

In administrative tasks, OCR is widely used for the financial compartment. As lots of paperwork is involved in hard copy, fulfilling forms, invoices, and cheques all are in paper form. To make it digitized banking sector uses OCR technology.

Healthcare Sector

In hospitals doctors and workers have to deal with lots of paper stuff like patient reports, insurance forms, and many more. Maintaining a bulk record is not easy. Digitize large volumes of data including patient profiles, treatment history, and health insurance needs an OCR jpg to pdf conversion. The data is stored using OCR to reduce manual work. Patient data is digitized so that physicians can diagnose patients’ previous records for better medical treatment. In case a patient loses his file digitized data is saved in the cloud storage.


Due to editing and searching purposes, a jpg to pdf file conversion is selected. An image file containing information can not be used in making other documents. To take data from it, the searching option is not allowed as the computer treats the image as a non-editing file. To use valuable information from data first, it has to convert it into text. Manual data entry is time-consuming and contain error therefore OCR is the best technological solution.

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