Momma Cherri’S Kitchen Nightmares update – After Gordon Ramsay’s visit (OPEN OR CLOSED IN 2022)


Momma Cherri was a  Brighton restaurant featured on season 2 of Kitchen Nightmares UK version.

Momma Cherri was episode 3 of season 2.

Restaurant name Momma Cherri
Owner  Cherri Charita Jones
Waiters/StaffBrian Moyo
Chef: Charita,
Original Episode Air DateJune 7, 2005
Momma Cherri’s Address2-3 Little East Street Brighton BN1 1HT United Kingdom.
Is Momma Cherri’s still open? (2022)Closed

Is Momma Cherri in Brighton still open? 

the place improved with time after Gordon’s visit. However, in 2009 the place was closed mainly due to mounting debts and many other reasons.

Restaurant location map :