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Moki Door Step Net Worth 2023 UPDATE – What happened after Shark Tank

Moki Door Step Net Worth 2023

Moki Door Step is a portable device that helps to reach the vehicle roof. It appeared in Shark Tank Season 10 Episode 9. So, the founder Zachary Brown and his wife, Alyssa Brown, entered the show hoping for $150 000 for 5% of equity. However, Daymond Jhon brought the company for 3 million USD, surprising everyone. As of 2023, Moki Door Step’s Net Worth is estimated at around $5 million

But how does Moki Door Step reach a net worth of $5 million? Let’s find out more.

Moki Door Step’s Net worth 2023

According to our online research, the Moki Door Step Net worth is around $5 million as of 2023. Followingly company has $ 65,000 per month and $780,000 in sales per year.

However, the company earned around $110 000 from a Kickstarter campaign before appearing on the show.  It’s from the help of 2200 backers. And this followed up with $6000 they found from sales.
Also, the company was valued at around $3 million when appearing on the show. One item sold for $44.95 and has a high-profit margin. And the sales didn’t affect by the high price. So, knowing how the company is doing in 2023 is more important.

Moki Door Step’s Net worth before appearing on Shark Tank3 Million USD (business valuation)
Moki Door Step’s Current Net Worth (2022) 2.6 Million USD
Moki Door Step’s Current Net Worth (2023) 5 Million USD

Moki Doorstep’s founders Zach Brown and Alyssa Brown have a net worth of 3 Million USD as of 2023

Moki Door Step Net Worth 2023

Here is an update on Moki Doorstep’s net worth so far.

How is Moki Door Step doing now? 

Moki Door Step is still in business in 2023. The company got more attention after the appearance of the shark tank. Following that, they managed to get a patent for the item. Also, they knocked off over 9000 copycats and infringed products from the market. 

The company later partnered with Rightline Gear company. Also, they licensed the product to them for manufacturing. Following this, the company got a chance to feature in shows including Good Morning, America, Gear Junkie, and Cheddar TV. Also, it has been featured in tradeshows like SEMA.

Now the product is available on Amazon, Rightline Gear, and their official site along with other retailers. Also, the company was successful in business in 2023. 

What is Moki’s Door Step?

Moki Door Step is a vehicle attachment that hooks into the door latch. The Moki step name came after footholds carved in rocks by Southwest American cliff-dwelling Pueblo people. It’s made with Aircraft grade Aluminium and fits use in all weather. 

Also, it can hold up to 400lb and fits all types of vehicles. It can also fit both the vehicle’s front and back doors. Users can hook it to the U-shaped door latches. And because of the rubber bumper and the coated hook safe to use. 

Who owns Moki’s Door Step?

Zachary Brown is the founder and the owner of the Moki Door Step. He came up with the idea after seeing his wife struggling to reach the roof of their vehicle. He has worked as a firefighter since 2012. And he is a bachelor of science in fire prevention and safety from Eastern Kentucky University. 

He started the Moki Door Step company in 2017, And his wife, Alyssa Brown, is an emergency room nurse.

“The producers loved his story, and the fact he’s a paramedic firefighter and his wife is an emergency room nurse, sort of an American couple thing,”

Loren Evan, the CEO of Rightline gear

What happened at the Shark Tank?

Zachary Brown and his wife entered the shark tank hoping for $150 000 for 5% of their company. Firstly, they gave a brief explanation of the product. Sharks were impressed with the idea and profit they had gained so far. So, Robert Herjavec said, “The ingenuity in America Amazes who would have thought somebody would think of this.”   

But Kevin O Leary was concerned about the revenue and plans. And sharks were shocked after hearing they had to give $1 royalty to their uncle for 18 more years. So, Daymond asks, “You have an uncle like Kevin”.

But Kevin decided to drop the deal first. But Daymond offers them $450 000 for 20% equity. However, they didn’t like it. Zach said selling the company is a better option than that. So, Daymond offers $3 million for the whole company with the royalty for the uncle.

So, Moki’s Doorstep left Shark Tank with the highest deal in Shark Tank History. But What happened next is essential.

Moki Door Step Shark Tank Update- What Happened to the Moki Door Step After the Shark Tank?

According to our research online, the deal with Daymond didn’t close after the show. However, the company sold over 150,000 units until 2023, even without getting the offer.

But exposure on national tv gave the company to get the attention of retailers. Such significant retailers like REI, Dicks Sporting Goods, Pep-boys, Academy Sports, and Duluth Trading Post joined them. Also, they are planning to sell the product internationally.

However, in 2021, Moki Door Step was acquired by Rightline Gear for an Undisclosed deal.

Following these, users can easily find it on Amazon marketplace following official sites. And Moki Door Step will be successful in business in 2023.

Moki Door Step review

The Moki Door Step received positive comments before and after appearances on The Shark Tank. Also, it helps people to easily reach skis, paddleboards, kayaks, bikes, and canoes on the roof. Apart from that, you can use it while washing your car too.

Also, the unique design allows users to use it in all kinds of weather. Customers using cargo carriers and vehicle roofs to carry luggage are happy with the sturdy design. Also, many praised the product because the product is perfectly balanced in a standing position. 

Following this, the product has positive reviews on its social media sites. So, the product has an overall positive review from the customers.

Who are the competitors of Moki Door Step?

According to, The fun bun, Stronghold, Hills off Gear, and Switchback Designs consider competitors. Apart from that, a few other companies are popular on Amazon with similar products.

Moki Door Step received one of the highest deals on the Shark Tank. But they ended up not closing the deal. However, the company has stayed stable in the market so far. 


Did Daymond buy the Moki Door Step?

No, He didn’t. Even though the owners accepted the deal on the show, it didn’t go through after the show. 

How did Moki Door Step after Shark Tank?

Moki Door Step is still in business in 2023. Interested people can purchase it from their official site, Right line gear site, and Amazon.

How is Moki Door Step doing?

Moki’s step has been steady in the market since its launch. Also, the company has sold over 150,000 units and has around $5 million net worth in 2023.

How much did Daymond make on Moki Door Step?

Daymond didn’t get any profit from the deal because it didn’t complete after the show.

Is the Moki Door Step safe?

Yes, the Moki Door Step can hold up to 400lb and the rubber grip isn’t stable and protective.

Who is the CEO of Moki Door Step?

Zachary Brown is the founder and the owner of the Moki Door Step.

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