6 Important Tips You Should Try To Maintain A Clean Workspace During Coronavirus Pandemic

After the pandemic, now more than ever, it’s critical to maintain a clean environment. Everyone is attempting to protect themselves from the COVID-19 threat, and you may start wondering what the best virus removal strategies are for your own workplace. 

Since now the new normal policy has been implied and most companies are asking the employee to work back at the office. The office is one of the places where viruses are most likely to spread. This is because, many people are crowding the office, and unfortunately we can’t maintain everyone’s health -to make sure that they are free from the virus.

Even though maintaining a clean environment is important, you may be paying greater attention to measures right now, especially if you live in a region that is starting to open up due to the pandemic. Remaining clean is always a good idea!

You’ve come to the right article if you’re seeking advice on how to make your workspace clean and free from viruses. This important advice below will help you stay ahead of the things that can make you sick! 

Clean First, Disinfect Second

As you attempt to develop your cleaning abilities, you must remember that cleaning and disinfecting are two different things. The germs and bacteria hiding in your house or workspace can be eliminated through disinfecting. Meanwhile, cleaning is a process that is considerably more surface-level. Both of them are significant, but doing both will definitely be more beneficial for you.

When you start working on a particular area, be careful to clean it first (or remove any surface-level dirt and debris), and then use disinfectant solution to banished all the germs away.

Clean More Frequently

For your hard surfaces such as your working desk, you might only clean once every two weeks. It might be even fewer! But it is advisable to establish a daily routine for cleaning high-contact surfaces. This includes your work desk, your keyboard, mouse, as well as things like doorknobs, door handles, remote controls, light switches, and many surfaces you often touch.

Cleansers are to be used frequently anywhere that you touch a lot. You may think that you’re doing too much. But well that’s alright! It is better to overdo your cleaning rather than to underdo it and get sick afterward.

Try a Bleach or Alcohol Solution

Unfortunately, many cleaning supplies were out of stock when you started cleaning to ward off the coronavirus. But nowadays though things are getting better, you can still save some money by creating your cleaning solutions

Strong dilutions are required for bleach solutions. Depending on what you’re trying to disinfect, you want a concentration of between 5 and 6 percent (and you can always double-check online that the bleach is a good choice to disinfect your surface). Concentration is influenced in part by how much sodium hypochlorite is present in your product. This implies that you might only use a third of a cup of bleach with a gallon of water. Although this might not seem like enough, bleach is strong and can be harmful if used in excessive amounts.

Another option you have is alcohol. To make it into an effective cleanser, the solution needs to include at least 70% alcohol. It won’t work as a cleanser if you use a product with less alcohol and then dilute it with water. 

Leave The Solution For A While

It’s common practice to merely spray cleaner onto a surface and then wipe it away, hoping that it would do its intended function. Actually, this isn’t good enough when dealing with a potential infection. You can spray the solution, leave it for a couple of minutes before carefully wiping everything down. This is the easiest and most effective way to eradicate viruses.

Don’t Forget To Clean Your Phone

Your phone might be the one thing that is so filthy, but you forget to clean it regularly. While in actuality, this is really important! To clean it, you can use an alcohol wipe. Make sure your phone is as clean as your workplace to keep yourself safer.

Advise Office To Hire  A Special Cleaner

You can try to take care of your health by cleaning and disinfecting your workplace regularly. But you should also ask your office to take another step for precaution by employing additional cleaner service to make sure that the office keeps clean and safe from viruses. 

A special cleaner that offers disinfectant spray will be beneficial, as well as a carpet cleaning service to make sure that all of the carpet surfaces, which most likely will be so filthy because it was stepped on by dirty shoes, was clean thoroughly. Check out https://sg.lucemg.com/services/carpet-cleaning if you need to hire a carpet cleaning service for your office.

Bottom Line

Many people have learned through the coronavirus pandemic that making sure your space is clean is important to avoid any illnesses which can affect our health. Though the pandemic is getting better, it does not mean that you need to stop taking precautions to maintain your health.