The big day is swiftly approaching. It’s finally here: your wedding! You found the dress, your perfect shoes, picked out your flowers, and set your menu. But have you taken the time to consider what you’ll be wearing underneath your wedding dress? 

While you can go all out and wear your bridal lingerie underneath your dress, remember, you’ll be in this for hours, dancing the night away. You certainly don’t want the special set you’ve chosen for your wedding night to become wrinkled or sweaty from being under your dress all night. 

Depending on the style of dress you’ve chosen, it may create odd lines on your silhouette. Of course, you want to feel sexy in your undergarments at your wedding; save the lingerie for the after-party. Here are some suggestions on what to wear during the ceremony and reception so everything stays in place and you stay comfortable all night long.

Consider Dress Shape 

The shape of your dress will impact what undergarments you’ll need for the perfect silhouette; once you have your ideal dress, find some undergarment options and bring them with you when you get fitted by your seamstress. This way, you’ll be able to see what works best under your dress. 

Consider comfort as well as the look. It’s your big day. You want to be able to celebrate without constantly having to adjust your bra and underwear. Your seamstress may also have suggestions on what to wear underneath. Make sure to ask. 


This style hugs all of your curves. It can be challenging to find undergarments that give you a sleek silhouette without any lines. Of course, you can always go without, but some women are just not comfortable this way. A strapless or sticky bra is usually the best solution if you feel you need a bra with your dress. If these still show through the fabric of your gown, pasties can help hide your private bits, while a little tape can hold everything in place. 

Many women choose to wear shapewear in this cut of the dress. This can give you a sleeker look. Make sure to look for shapewear that goes past where the dress flares out. Otherwise, the tight fit of the dress will show off the seams. 


A backless dress is such a timeless and elegant look, but wearing in bra in this style of dress can be tricky. A sticky bra can be an excellent solution for a bride who wants a little more lift. You can talk with your seamstress about adding some cups in the front of your bodice to help hold everything in place. 

Depending on the silhouette of the dress’s lower half, you may want to wear some shapewear underneath. However, a lot of shapewear tends to come all the way up to just beneath the bosom. Look for shapewear that doesn’t ride up as high. That way, you’ll still achieve a sleek look over your lower stomach without the shapewear showing in the back. 

There are also shapewear options that are completely backless and include a bra. You could try a backless shapewear thong to give your torso a sleek silhouette while giving your breasts a little more support. 

Slip/Sheath Dresses 

Wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable. These dresses are simple and elegant. You can certainly wear shapewear underneath for a more slimming effect, but it’s all up to your personal preference. 

The silk or satin fabric of these dresses tends to show everything underneath. If you wear shapewear, look for sleek lines without too many seams. To help you avoid any awkward lines choose shapewear that fits from the chest to just below the knee. A slip can also work beautifully under this type of dress if it’s not as form-fitting. 


In a ballgown, you don’t need to fuss over panty lines, so choose a panty that makes you feel sexy. Since this style has a more voluminous skirt, you can skip the shapewear altogether. Most ballgowns have a built-in corset top to help cinch the waist and keep everything where it’s supposed to be. If you have a smaller chest, you may want to add a sticky bra or some silicone inserts to help fill out the bodice and give your chest an extra lift. 

The Wedding Night 

After you’ve said I do and celebrated by dancing the night away, it’s time to retire to your honeymoon suite with your new husband. Now is the perfect time to change into your bridal lingerie. Finding the perfect lingerie set can be as fun and exciting as shopping for your wedding dress. Do a final first look with your husband after you’ve changed into your lingerie. It is sure to be another moment he will never forget. 

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