Magic 5 is one of the most successful products to come out of the hit TV show Shark Tank, and its founders, Bo Habber, and Rasmus Barfred are the people behind the custom-fit swimming goggles that have taken the world by storm. Bo Habber, and Rasmus Barfred, have a net worth of 7 million USD as of 2023.

 In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the quick facts you need to know about Bo Habber, and Rasmus Barfred and their journey.

Full NameBo Habber, and Rasmus Barfred
EducationCharlotte, North Carolina
Previous occupationUnknown
InventionSwimming goggles
Shark Tank appearanceSeason 13, Episode 03
Shark Tank deal$1 million  for 6.5% equity 
Company foundedUnknown
Company headquartersCharltte, North Carolina
Other productsUnknown
Awards and recognitionUnknown
Personal lifeUnknown
Net worth7 million USD  (as of 2023)
Future plansUnknown


Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for inspiration or just curious about the story behind Magic 5  Founder, there are always lessons to be learned from successful individuals like Bo Habber, and Rasmus Barfred. With a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and philanthropy, Bo Habber, and Rasmus Barfred are true inspirations for entrepreneurs everywhere.

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