Their drawing tool is referred to as the Lucy Drawing Tool. It’s net worth is 4 million as of 2023. “LUCIDArt” was featured on Shark Tank USA in April 2022, Season 13, Episode 09. So, the founder, Les Cookson, entered the Shark Tank hoping for $300,000 for 10% equity of her company. But finally, he secured a deal of $300,000 for 15% equity with Daymond John.

No matter how old you are, you like to draw. Also, if you are already a drawing artist and want to improve your drawings, you should know about LUCIDArt.

LUCIDArt Net Worth

Net worth$4 million (2023)
Annual Sales Revenue$4 million
Lifetime sales$10 million
Shark Tank InvestorDaymond John
FounderLes Cookson
Employees1-10 employees

LUCIDArt Net Worth Timeline

Here is an update on LUCIDArt’s net worth so far.

Net Worth 2023$4 million
Net worth valuation 2022 after appearing on Shark Tank  $2 million
Net worth valuation 2022 before appearing on Shark Tank  $3 million

What is LUCIDArt?

Its drawing tool is also known as Lucy Drawing Tool, a modern-day camera Lucidia. It’s an instrument made with an optical device with a reflection effect. So users can take any picture reflection on paper or a canvas. LUCIDArt made you’re drawing a realistic masterpiece. The device does not require electricity or computer knowledge.

Find out more here in their youtube channel.

Who is the owner of the LUCIDArt?

Les Cookson is the founder and the owner of the LUCIDArt. He started this company in 2005. Also, He appeared on Shark Tank previously with a different brand called Carsik Bib. It’s making barf bags for babies. LUCIDArt’s founder, Les Cookson, has a net worth of 2.8 Million USD as of 2023. The company is located in California, USA.

What happened at the Shark Tank?

Les Cookson entered the Shark Tank hoping 300,000 for 10% of the equity of his company. Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, and Robert Herjavec were the Sharks on the show. Not only that all the sharks were impressed after listening to his profits.

However, Mark Cuban decided to get out of the deal as he was not interested in the product. Herjavec followed him for the same reason. Both Lori and Kevin thought the product was cool at first. But they thought the company doesn’t need the support of sharks. So they decided to stay out of the deal.

Then Daymond John requested 20% of company equity $300,000.Then Les tries to counteroffer at 12% but Daymond offers 17.5%. However Les finally agreed to 15% equity as high as he goes and Daymond also agreed.


Les Cookson appeared on Shark Tank in the hope to reduce the customer accusation cost in his business. First of all, he remembered his failed target in Shark Tank Season 2.

Then he invited Kevin O’Leary to try the product. He was amazed after seeing the results of his drawing. So all the Sharks appreciated his product. Les had earned around 10 million dollars in his lifetime sales and $3.7 million only from the sales in 2021.

However, all the others except Daymond John decided not to invest. So finally Les agreed with her deal with Daymond.

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What happens to LUCIDArts after the Shark Tank?

As usual, the company’s sales rises after the show officially aired. Also according to the reports, Les had made a few changes to the products after the show. It includes changes such as introducing the enlarging tool. Also, he reduced the price of the smaller version of the machine.

Not only that the company got orders from television and film production companies. They include Walt Disney, 20th Century Fox Paramount Pictures, and Warner Bros. The company is still in business and its popularity is still with them.

Competitors of LUCIDArt?

Few companies are emerging with products with similar functions. Let energy, HuiDao, and ‎BIG IDEA DESIGN LLC are manufacturing products similar to LUCIDArt.

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