Learn to Count Cards

When it comes to casino-style gambling, slots and blackjack dominate gaming floors and have done so for over sixty years. The first derives its popularity from its simplicity, appealing to newbie players. The latter is the favorite of those looking to make a profession out of their betting pastime. That is so because blackjack, by default, has one of the lowest house edges (2%) out of any casino product. That said, with the use of optimal strategy, card gambling mavens can lower this percentage to 0.5%, and by learning how to count cards, they can flip it in their favor.

Counting cards is a blackjack strategy, but it differs from standard ones in that it involves the player keeping a mental tally of some of the cards dealt. Whereas, usually, blackjack systems entail players memorizing charts that outline what move they should make in what scenario. The thing that makes card counting work is that high cards benefit gamblers and low ones’ dealers. That stems from the fact that if a player’s card total goes over twenty-one, the casino wins the hand in question. The process of keeping track of a dealer as he burns through a deck is not super complicated. It does not require any unusual mental abilities, as players do not keep track of every card played. They assign a point score to specific cards that estimate their value. They then track the sum of these via a running count. To better grasp the process and understand how to use it at twenty-one tables, we suggest doing one of the following things.

Watch the Movie – 21

21 is a 2008 film starring Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth, Laurence Fishburne, and Jim Sturgess. It tells the story of the infamous MIT Blackjack Team, as described in the 2003 best-selling book – Bringing Down the House. The MIT Blackjack Team was a group of students (current and ex) from Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that used sophisticated card counting techniques to beat gambling operators at blackjack for over two decades. The initial team got formed in November 1979, and the original counting approach they used got developed by professional gambler Al Francesco, nicknamed the Godfather of Blackjack. 21 tells the MIT Team’s story in a caper film fashion, but it also goes through the many aspects involved in running a successful card counting operation. It is a pretty decent introduction to this practice.

Take the Blackjack Apprenticeship Course

Founded by Colin Jones, Blackjack Apprenticeship is the premium online resource for learning how to win at the world’s most popular gambling table game. Colin, who has been counting cards for over fifteen years, claims to have a proven model that has allowed many of his course takers to win millions, collectively, at land-based casinos. Membership to their program provides access to exclusive videos, charts, e-books, apps, podcasts, interviews, and more, with packages ranging from $300 to $600. By far, Blackjack Apprenticeship is the best way for newbies to take in blackjack basics and the game’s advanced concepts. Those not yet ready to splurge on becoming full-fledged members can get a taste of the platform’s content through the BA YouTube channel, updated regularly.

Install the Card Counter Lite App

These days, there’s a smartphone app for everything. Thus, it should not surprise anyone that one exists intending to teach interested parties how to count cards. Card Counter Lite is a piece of Android software that hit Google Play in April 2014. It is the brainchild of TMSOFT, the developer responsible for Blockatraz and Eternal Fire. As its name suggests, this app is pretty lite in all departments, meaning it attempts to keep things to a bare-bones minimum. That said, it is an exciting and fun game that directly and indirectly teaches users how to count cards. Card Counter Lite offers multiple practice modes, and its Full version supports six counting systems, plus no ads. Also, the app unlocks progressive levels of difficulty as a user’s skill develops.

Read Modern Card Counting: Blackjack

Patrick Linsenmeyer is an avid card fanatic who retired from card counting some years ago and has now turned his attention to teaching others how to improve their odds at several card gaming options. Released in 2015, in the Kindle format, Modern Card Counting is for serious players only. It may not be the most extensive reading on this topic, but it is excellent for those who have never been in contact with the nuances of this practice. It boasts a database of free e-flashcards and explains the Red Zen counting system in depth. Some criticize its few discrepancies, but overall, most readers report that it helped them win at twenty-one tables with a greater level of consistency than before they read it.

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