The word GAA stands for Gaelic Athletic Association which is a body that governs Gaelic sports. The activities involved in this sport are hurling, handball, and football. However, hurling and football seem to be the most popular of the games. We will address the nitty-gritty of the GAA sport in this post and you can find GAA betting online explained here.

From the onset, the Irish are allowed to carry out an offline bet in GAA sports. Until recently when online betting was introduced. Gamblers can now make use of online bookmakers to place bets on different aspects of the sport. However, it is impossible to bet successfully on GAA sport without a good understanding of the sport.

GAA sports involve All-Ireland senior football competition, All-Ireland senior hurling competition, and the national football league. These fixtures for each game will be made available at different bookmakers’ websites. Odds are assigned to each game with respect to the ability of each team. As a gambler, you are expected to make a prediction and place your bet as desired.

Possible Bets in GAA Sport

GAA sport has its peculiarities, just like every other game. The duration is 60min of gameplay which is 30min for each half. Likewise, the game features 15 players for each team, unlike the 11 players in the soccer game. 

You can not only place a bet on the outcome of the game. You can also make some in-game predictions and place a bet alongside. The following are available bet options in the GAA sport;

  • Deciding on the final winner

GAA sport always features a competition between two teams. The outcome of the game can either be a team winning over the other or a draw. There is an odd award for each team to win. Likewise, a draw game will equally have its odds. 

In hurling, for instance, you can predict the margin of victory and place your bet for such. Prediction of the difference in points for each game win is also permitted depending on the bookmaker.

  • Handicap prediction

Handicap prediction seems to be one of the best bet options if possible, the game turns out favorably. When you strongly believe in a team to surpass the predicted margin allotted by the bookmaker, you can take advantage of this bet option. There are specific teams in the GAA sport that are very good in the handicap game. Exploring the game history and team form can give you a clue about this.

  • First goal scorer option

Just as in soccer, you can equally predict which team to score ahead of in the game. This option can be a tempting one as it always comes with high odds. However, a regular follow-up of the sport can lead you right. You may also need to consider the available statistics and goals scoring contenders before making a decision.

  • Yearly award betting options

As the game is coming to a close for each season, speculations on which player will get which awards. Bookmakers make this a betting option for punters to decide and stand the chance of winning. The best option always comes with high odds when there is tough competition between players. However, a wise gambler will wait till the probability is high before placing such bets.

Strategies to Apply While Betting on GAA Sports

No doubt gambling is a game of chance. However, you can apply specific strategies to boost your chances of winning. Mind you; these strategies are not in any way an assurance of winning your bet. The following are proven strategies to apply in GAA sports betting;

  • Choose the best bookmaker.

There are now many online bookmakers offering Gaelic sports betting. You must therefore be careful to select the best among them all. The best bookmaker will offer the best odds and also will not integrate stringent conditions for betting. You can read the terms and conditions provided for betting by the website before choosing to place your bet. It is also essential to read up on reviews and get appropriate recommendations from the bookmaker.

  • Consider the form of each team.

The form is a report of the performance of each team in the sport. It is a good indicator of what the outcome of the game may look like. The form can also help predict the possible winner or if the game will end in a draw. It is a wise idea to check through the form and be sure of your team’s performance before placing a bet. 

  • Consider the weather

Weather is an excellent factor in deciding the outcome of the Ireland game. During the rainy season, the performance of each team can be drastically affected. As such, the game may end up in a draw or low point difference. Therefore, always consider the weather before placing your bet.

  • Bet on the league games

The league games offer the best odds compared to final games or the super 8 games. Likewise, you have a lot of analysis to consider for the league game, whereas there is little information regarding other games.

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