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Larry Ellison’s Net worth in 2022

Larry Ellison's Net worth in 2022

Larry Ellison is an American businessman and investor who is probably best known as the CTO and Founder of Oracle.

Oracle Co-Founder Larry Ellison was never ranked as the richest person in the world.

Net worth$86.6 Billion
Last Updated:October 02, 2022
Born:August 17, 1944
Height:1.91 m (6 ft 2 in)
Source of Wealth:Oracle

Larry Ellison’s Net Worth Over Time

Larry Ellison's Net Worth Over Time

According to both Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index and Forbes, Larry Ellison is the 7th-wealthiest person in the world. This figure comes from Forbes’ real-time figures.

Here is Larry Ellison’s Net Worth Over Time According to Forbes,

YearNet worth
1990-2008$ 365 Million
2009$27 Billion
2010$31.2 Billion
2011$33 Billion
2012$38.2 Billion
2013$43 Billion
2014$48 Billion
2015$54.3 Billion
2016$43.6 Billion
2017$52.2 Billion
2018$58.5 Billion
2019$62.5 Billion
2020$59 Billion
2021$93 Billion
2022$106 Billion

Larry Ellison’s Companies

  • Oracle Corporation

How did Larry Ellison become rich?

Most of Larry Ellison’s wealth comes from Oracle Corporation and other personal investments.

Career Highlights

  • 1977 Larry founded Oracle with two partners who invested $1200-$2000.
  • 1981 IBM chose Oracle to run their mainframes.
  • 1982-1989 Oracle sales doubled each year.
  • Oracle went public in 1986 and during IPO the company made over $31.5 million.
  • 1990 Oracle was about to go bankrupt.
  • In 2005, Oracle Corporation paid Ellison a $975,000 salary, a $6,500,000 bonus, and other compensation of $955,100.
  • In March 2010, Ellison was the sixth-richest person in the world and the third-richest American.
  • In 2012 Ellison bought 98 percent of the Hawaiian island of Lanai
  • He have given up Oracle’s CEO position in 2014.
  • After that Ellison made Lanai island his permanent residence and lived peacefully.
  • Even though he stepped down as Oracle’s CEO, he had shown up in several instances for personal investments in 2022.

Famous Larry Ellison’s Quotes

Great achievers are driven, not so much by the pursuit of success, but by the fear of failure.

Larry Ellison

When you innovate, you’ve got to be prepared for people telling you that you are nuts.

Larry Ellison

You have to act and act now.

Larry Ellison

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