La Frite was a  Sherman Oaks, California restaurant featured on season 4 of Kitchen Nightmares. Gordon Ramsay visited the La Frite in 2011 and the episode aired in the same year. As of 2024, La Frite is closed. 

Is La Frite still open or closed?

Since the episode aired in 2011, many wonder whether La Frite is still open or closed. According to the sources La Frite is closed in Sherman Oaks, Nearly 5 years after Gordon Ramsay’s visit. 

The restaurant came to shut down in 2016 because it was sold to a new owner.

Episode Recap

La Frite was episode 9 of season 4.

Restaurant name La Frite
Owner  Andre Ramillon, Alex, Celine
Waiters/Staff Gayle, Billy 
ChefMartine, Chuy
Original Episode Air DateApril 29, 2011
La Frite’s Address15013 Ventura Blvd Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
Is La Frite’s still open? (2024)Closed 

 La Frite update 2024 – Where are they now?

Gordon’s team revamped La Frite with popular renovations and a smaller menu, introducing Chef Chuy to retrain the kitchen staff led by Martin. Although Martin initially felt uneasy about the new menu, they began well but faced setbacks due to communication issues, resulting in frustrated customers leaving.

With Gordon’s guidance, Celine took the initiative to have Chuy take control, leading to a successful service. While Gordon credited Chuy for the kitchen’s improvement, he and Andre were pleased that the sibling relationship was repaired. Consequently, Chuy stayed on as the executive chef.

In Season 5 Episode 11, Chef Ramsay returned to La Frite and found a well-organized restaurant running smoothly, with a united family serving tasty dishes. During the revisit, Celine mentioned that her brother and father were now more open to her ideas and suggestions.

La Frite was sold to George Zaoui in 2016. Initially, George retained the La Frite concept, but in late 2017, he rebranded it as Modo Mia, opting for an Italian cuisine theme. Consequently, La Frite officially closed.

Modo Mia operated at the original La Frite location on Ventura Blvd until 2021, garnering positive reviews with a 4.5-star rating on Yelp. However, by 2023, Modo Mia ceased operations, leaving the former La Frite Sherman Oaks location vacant. The following is the street view of the former La Frite Location.

What happened to the owners of La Frite?

After selling the restaurant in 2016, Andrew had retired from the business. Alex is now the Event Manager at a yacht club and Celine is the General Manager of a Tennis club.

Restaurant location map : 

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