Just The Cheese is a backed cheese snack brand that offers authentic snack bars and cheese crisps. The company’s net worth is estimated at 10 million USD as of 2023. And also, the company is still in business.

The owner of Just the Cheese, David Scharfman, appeared on Shark Tank season 11, Episode 19 in 2019 and left without securing any deal. Are you interested in learning about Just the Cheese’s journey and its latest updates? Keep reading! To write this article, we referred to these online sources, including justthecheese.com, Today.com, sharktankblog and BuzzFeed.com.

Just The Cheese’s net worth 2023

Just The Cheese’s net worth is estimated at 10 million USD as of 2023. The company earns money by selling various cheese products available in 2500 nationwide supermarkets and the Amazon Online platform. As per the available sources on the internet, Just the Cheese earns a 4 million annual revenue. The profit margin of Just the Cheese is between 17-20%.

As per the latest updates, Just the Cheese expanded its retail distribution. Recently they started producing Slim Fast Snack Crisps. Also, the company secured positions in several offline locations.

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What is Just the Cheese?

Just The Cheese is a backed cheese snack brand that offers authentic snack bars and cheese crisps. Just the Cheese is a vegetarian-friendly product. Furthermore, Just the Cheese products utilize pasteurized milk, guaranteeing the quality of their production process.

Who owns Just the Cheese?

David Scharfman founded ‘Just the Cheese Company in 2012, based in Wisconsin. However, his father invented the ‘Just the Cheese’ snack 1991. Even amidst various challenges, David did manage his business with the help of his wife, Connie.

However, a top nuts and snacks company, John B. Sanfilippo & Son Inc., purchased Just the Cheese business in December 2022.

What happened to Just the Cheese in Shark Tank?

David appeared on Shark Tank season 11, episode 19 in 2019, seeking 500,000 USD for 5% of his baked cheese snacks company. Although the Sharks were impressed by David’s presentation, David declined all the offers he received from the Sharks. Kevin O’Leary offered $500,000 for a $0.20 royalty per bar. Lori Greiner also offered a similar royalty deal.

Cuban made a late dash to secure a deal, but the equity he wanted was relatively high. The guest Shark, Daniel Lubetzky, appreciated David’s belief in his product. However, David left Shark Tank without making any deal.  

What happened to David’s Cheese Company after the Shark Tank? Let’s get to know in the next section!

Just The Cheese Shark Tank Update- What Happened After the Shark Tank?

Although David couldn’t get a deal from Shark Tank, his brand earned considerable publicity from the show. Especially, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Food Network, and Today have mentioned the company in their publications. In 2019, Just the Cheese earned 3.7 million USD in sales. Just the Cheese products are available at 7/11 locations across the United States

They are also available in over 700 retail stores through Target, Walmart, Amazon, and their official website. The company’s brand has over 8,000 fans on Instagram and 3,500 followers on Facebook. However, In December 2022, Just the Cheese was purchased by John B. Sanfilippo & Son for an undisclosed amount.

Just The Cheese Product review

Just the Cheese has achieved a 3.9 customer review rate on Amazon out of 5,453 global ratings. Many people recommended this product on social media.

Who are the competitors of Just the Cheese?

Murray’s Cheese, 14th Street Pizza, Oorja Nutrition LLC, NuGo Nutrition, 2Betties, Lindas Diet Delites, Healthsmart Foods, and Conti’s Sugar Mountain are the top competitors of Just the Cheese.


Is Just the Cheese still in business?

Just the Cheese company is still in business.

Where is Just the Cheese manufactured?

The manufacturing of Just the Cheese takes place in Reeseville, Wisconsin.

What episode was “Just the Cheese” appeared in Shark Tank? 

It was featured on Shark Tank season 11 episode 19.

What is the net worth of Just the Cheese?

Just The Cheese’s net worth is estimated at 10 million USD as of 2023.

Where can people buy Just the Cheese products?

You can buy Just the Cheese products from their official page, Amazon, or local stores.

Is Just the Cheese Halal or Kosher?

Just The Cheese products are not currently Halal or Kosher certified.

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