Joyce's Lulu Bang sauce Net Worth 2023 NEW UPDATE- What happened to Joyce's Lulu Bang sauce after the Shark Tank

Joyce’s Lulu Bang sauce is a natural vegan gourmet sauce brand. Joyce’s Lulu Bang sauce has an estimated net worth is $5 million as of 2023.

It appeared in the Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 6. Founders Jorrae Bead and Kelly Bead pitched the show with the hope of $150000 for 10% of equity. However, unfortunately, Jorrae Bead and Kelly Bead had to leave Shark Tank without a deal. But the company is successfully still in the market in 2023. And later it ended up being one of the successful companies without a deal on Shark Tank.

But how does the company gain a net worth of around $5 million after the Shark Tank? Let’s find out more.

Joyce’s Lulu Bang sauce Net Worth UPDATE 2023

Joyce’s Lulu Bang sauce’s net worth is around $5 million in 2023. But the company was valuated at around $ 1.5 million at the time appearing on the show. However, the company sold over $60,000 soon after the show officially aired.

Read Joyce’s Lulu Bang sauce’s worth and networth update in brief here.

How is Joyce’s Lulu Bang sauce doing now? [Latest update]

Joyce’s Lulu Bang Sauce is one of the companies that left the Shark Tank without a deal. But the company became one of the widespread brands even without Shark’s support. The company is still successful in business in 2023.

Also, Joyce’s Lulu Bang Burgers & Wangs Shop is active. Also, they are continuing to sell the products with many Walmart locations around the USA. Following that Shop Rite stores also joined their retailer’s list.

However, their social media accounts haven’t been updated since 2019. But both online and retail selling is still going on.

What is Joyce’s Lulu Bang sauce?

Joyce’s Lulu Bang is a line of natural marinade sauce. It’s created with fresh vegan ingredients without preservatives. Also, it comes in four varieties Bourbon Marinade, BBQ Fusion, Asian Persuasion, and Hot sauce. One Jar is only cost around $7.99.

Not only that the product is gluten-free and has a unique flavor that goes with many dishes.

Who is the founder of Joyce’s Lulu Bang sauce?

Jorrie Bead and Kelly Bead are the founders of the Joyces Lulu Bang sauce. Kelly Bead serves as the CEO of the company. They owned a catering business before starting this company. Also, Kelly previously worked in the United States Air force intelligence for five years.   

However, they named the company after their elder brother. Not only that the sauce inspiration came from their mother’s dish.

What happened at the Shark Tank?

The Bang sauce team appeared on the Shark Tank hoping for $15.0000 for 10 % of the company. Firstly, they gave a brief introduction and let the Sharks Try the product. 

However, everyone is concerned about law sales rates. “This is a massive branding exercise. You need a lot more than 150000 dollars” Kevin O ‘Leary said. For that reason, he drops the deal. Daymond Jhon also followed him.

But Robert Herjavec thought the packaging is confusing. So, he dropped the deal next. Lori Greiner was impressed with their expansion with wall art.

“Some women fear the fire, some women become it, you have become it,”

Lori Greiner at shark tank pitch

But she also decided to go out because of the highly competitive market. Followingly Mark Cuban also decided not to invest. But he congratulates them for their success. So, Lulu Bang left Shark Tank without a deal.

Joyce’s Lulu Bang sauce Shark Tank UPDATE- What happened After the Shark Tank?

Even though they didn’t get a chance to get the deal many seemed interested in the taste. This showed in their heated argument after the show. However according to our research online they got sales of around $60000 soon after the show.

Following that three months later the sister started Lulu Bang Burgers & Wangs in Philadelphia. Also, they are still selling in around 170 Walmart stores across the USA. Also according to their official site, the company partnered with ShopRite. So now the products are available in local ShopRite outlets.

Also, online reports reveal some investors reached them. But nothing was confirmed yet. However, surprisingly company isn’t active on social media since 2019. But Joyce’s Lulu Bang sauce is successfully still in business in 2023.

Joyce’s Lulu Bang sauce review

Joyce’s Lulu Bang sauce comes in four flavors. It is produced with all-natural ingredients. Some of them are concentrated tomato, High fructose corn, and Natural Hickory smoke concentrate with other spices.

So, it can consume with chicken, vegetables, and seafood too. A pack of two sauces costs only around $10.

Who are the Competitors of the company

According to online records, Kentucky Pride Barbecue Sauce and Tzavos Tsavo BBQ sauce are the competitors of the company.


What is LuLu Bang sauce?

It’s a marinade sauce with natural ingredients designed to compare with many dishes. 

Where can I buy LuLu Bang sauce?

LuLu Bang sauce is sold on their official site and at Walmarts around the USA. Also, they are now available in selected ShopRite shops.

When was LuLu Bang on Shark Tank?

Lulu bang appeared in the shark tank season 8 episode 6.

Is LuLu Bang sauce still in business?

Yes, Lulu Bang Sauce is still in business in 2023.

How is LuLu Bang doing after Shark Tank?

LuLu Bang Sauce is still in business expanding throughout the USA.

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