How to jumpstart your career with these 4 free online college courses


Looking to jumpstart your career and get into the grove of what’s important and trendy? To learn some of the most in-demand skills on the market, visit the collection of free online certificate courses called SkillUp by Simplilearn. These skill-based courses, selected by industry professionals, provide job-ready skills in the most in-demand fields, including data science, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and many others.

We have compiled a list of free college courses offered by the most reputed name in online education, Simplilearn. All these courses are quick, easy to learn and come with certificates at the end of completion. So what are you waiting for?

 The best time to skill up is now!

1.   Basics of Business Analysis

Free Online Course to Learn the Basics of Business Analysis

You will learn about the key ideas and abilities required for a career as a business analyst in the free business analysis course. You will have a thorough understanding of the need for business analysts, their responsibilities and skills, the business analysis process, and the distinctions between a business analyst and a data analyst by the time you complete the business analysis fundamentals course.

Your route to becoming job-ready in the rapidly expanding field of business analytics is through Simplilearn’s free Business Analysis Fundamentals course. In this business analysis foundation, learn the fundamentals of the profession from professionals in the field to launch your career as a business analyst.

 Learn the Basics of Business Analysis.  Our free business analysis certification online is made to introduce you to the fundamentals of the field and give you the business analysis training you require. You will have a thorough understanding of the need for business analysts, their roles and responsibilities, the business analysis process, and how business analysts differ from data analysts by the conclusion of this business analysis tutorial. The introduction to business analysis course’s two hours of self-paced video lessons aid in comprehending the course’s key concepts.

2.   Ethical hacking for beginners.

Learn Ethical Hacking for Free Online

You will learn the fundamental ideas that every aspiring ethical hacker needs to be familiar with in this free ethical hacking program. It will introduce you to various ethical hacking techniques and tools. Access to a network is given to ethical hackers in order to find weaknesses in the setup. This course is a fantastic starting point for your path to becoming a reputable cybersecurity expert.

Learn the fundamentals of ethical hacking that every aspiring ethical hacker needs to know with Simplilearn’s free online course. An expert in computer security, known as an “ethical hacker,” breaks into computers with the owner’s consent to find and fix system vulnerabilities. If you’re interested to learn more, consider enrolling in this ethical hacking course for beginners by Simplilearn to learn the subject for free.

You can learn ethical hacking with the aid of this from scratch. You will learn about various categories of ethical hackers and ethical hacking tools in the free ethical hacking fundamental certification course. You’ll study basic ethical hacking techniques like cryptography, Linux and database knowledge, Trojan backdoors and defenses, IDS firewalls and honeypots, advanced hacking ideas, network packet analysis, mobile and web technologies, and advanced log management. You’ll also learn advanced hacking concepts.

A free completion certificate is given after completing the free ethical hacking course. The free learning platform SkillUp by Simplilearn offers free online courses to help you master the skills that employers today are looking for. These courses, which concentrate on building the fundamental skills needed for career growth, were selected by top practitioners and industry experts. The field of ethical hacking is quickly rising in popularity. Before enrolling in more advanced courses, you can first master the fundamentals of ethical hacking with the help of the free course.

The course is a great starting point for developing into a trustworthy cybersecurity professional. You can get important jobs like information security analyst, Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), security consultant, information security manager, and penetration tester after completing the ethical hacking free certification course.

3.   Overview of Cloud Computing

Free Cloud Computing Tutorials

Basic and advanced cloud computing concepts are covered in this free course on cloud computing basics. Discover more about cloud hosting, services, and architecture. Learn the fundamentals of cloud computing, the cloud computing lifecycle, and the key ideas behind AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud architects are in high demand all over the world due to the recent increased focus on cloud computing and infrastructure. For greater scalability, mobility, and security, many businesses have switched to cloud platforms, and cloud solution architects are among the highest-paid workers in the IT sector. One of the top three initiatives planned by IT executives as they integrate cloud infrastructure into their organizations, according to a Goldman Sachs study, is cloud computing. Therefore, if you want to be eligible for the thousands of job opportunities that cloud computing offers, now is the time to learn it.

4.   Data Analytics Overview Course

Discover Data Analytics for Novices

This introduction to data analytics is intended to provide a firm foundation for working with various types of data, using data visualization to aid in decision-making, and applying data analytics in various fields. Anyone who wants to work as a data analyst or analytics manager should enroll in this program. Through this program, you can gain knowledge of data analytics and data science methodologies and improve business decisions.

Beginners can jumpstart a career in the exciting field of data analytics with SkillUp’s Introduction to Data Analytics course. This course provides a strong foundation for working with all types of data and transforming them into knowledge, understanding, and intelligence in the free data analytics course.

You can learn data analytics from scratch by simply watching the three hours of self-paced video lessons in this educational analytics certification. You’ll learn how to work with various types of data, how to visualize data, how to conduct data science, and how to use machine learning. In this course on the fundamentals of data analytics, you will gain an understanding of important ideas like data analytics in various fields, data science methodologies, and analytics frameworks.

A data analytics journey can be started off on the right foot with the help of the online data analytics certificate. The Data analytics for beginners program can be very helpful for those who want to work as data analysts or analytics managers.

 Data Analytics is the hottest skill to learn if you’re looking to carve a lucrative career in IT, with a market valuation projected to reach $77.64 billion by the end of 2023. You’ll receive a graduate certificate in data analytics for nothing once you’ve finished the course. For some of the most in-demand data-related job roles, such as data scientists, analysts, and architects, the data analysis course is excellent.

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