Is it possible for technological change to be negative?

Technology is such a thing that you can hardly find a conclusion regarding the positives and the negatives. Is it possible for technological change to be negative? The answer is relatively marginal, which means there are positives as well as negatives.

People have lost due to technology.

The best way to define a negative is to name things people have lost due to technology. Sleep is one of those things. Although your sleeping atmosphere has been able to facilitate the cold in hot climates, have you relay been able to sleep? 

The answer is No, as you are using your smartphone and its blue lights keep you awake. You may argue that you are not using any smartphone on the bed. But, you are not accessible there either. 

How did you think about the television, your source of living or your computer, or your refrigerator’s blue light? Those displays can keep your life complicated, and that is a pure technological negative impact.

Food style has not been effortless though

When it comes to the food style, that will not be a simple one either. The very first one is nutrition. Among the food consumers, 68% are consuming the food that has been produced against nature.

How long do you think a chicken lives nowadays? Of course, you may count it as less than 45 months. Although what you feel is the divine taste, that is just a misleading of your tongue. Also, the consequences will come one after another.

weak relationship and family bond

You must appreciate values as well as valuable things for sure. As you can see, what is the most valuable thing you can achieve in your life, and what would be the values? Of course, the relationships and your entire family must mean that.

Even if you believe in a small family, you might not have a massive relationship like your ancestors did. Although they had to chase after food and put in lots of effort, they enjoyed it with their families. Technology has always been a distraction. It has distracted you from being yourself.

Just assume that you have been the perfect father or mother who has always been with your kids. Have you thought that your kids would be with you? No, they won’t. They have got more things than you. Not only the smartphone or the physical aspects, but the internet, 5G, AR & VR like entertainment-based aspects have surrounded them.

Social Media is not what it seems.

Social Media has been a perfect choice for almost everyone to be with their dear loved ones. If you missed your classmate at school, social media would have been the best choice.

Have you used Facebook or other platforms for that purpose only? Of course not. Sometimes, you might have never used that to find your old friends but stick to a time-wasting thing.

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Your house has lots of windows.

In the early time, people created windows and doors not just as entrances but to keep privacy. At present, you are holding lots of doors and windows with you. Have you thought about your sensors, mics, cameras, and IoT devices of yours? They are all the windows and doors that have limited your privacy.


This article must have explained if technological change can be negative. If you are still clueless about the truth, there will be a better example for you. Would you still have suffered from the COVID 19 Pandemic if you lived a couple of centuries back?