Understanding Broadband at Construction Sites and How It Helps with Security

Just like almost all other workplaces, there are a few risks that are associated with jobs at construction sites, and taking a glance at it, being trapped by two things, electrocution, being heavily hit by an object, and falls are some of the usual hazards workers are exposed to by the lethal four. 

Nevertheless, it’s worthy to point out that another significant concern that poses to be very disturbing is security and construction site theft, and this simply shows that the physical harm dangers are not the only red flags at construction sites that should be solely focused on. 

The issue of security and its vitality raises the need for a construction site broadband connection as broadband solutions have proven to be very ideal in enhancing safety at construction sites and tackling security concerns. 

Wireless networks and the constant use of technology in our daily lives have made things easier for us as humans, and by exploring a construction site service by obliging to a construction site broadband, a lot of good can be done for construction workers, especially when we reason with the fact that most alternatives tend to demand more human attention. 

The cost factor also makes broadband solutions at construction sites a better and viable option to opt-in for. 

Security at Construction Sites 

Operational and physical measures are the two major ways to maintain security at construction sites. While operational measures focus on humans performing on-site security operations and guarding all that is important; technical and infrastructure systems like bollards, barriers, gates, fences, other possible forms of obstacles, access control systems, construction site Wi-Fi, CCTV, lighting, and intruder detection are what physical measures entail. 

However, the limits of powers enforced by the security people or employed officers and the requirements of site security must be well stated by the site policy. Guarding, which is, of course, a significant activity at construction sites, cut across;

  • collaborating with the site manager
  • reporting incidents
  • working the technical systems 
  • processing vehicles and humans coming in and out of the site
  • static protecting
  • patrolling

How security and Safety at Sites Can Be Beefed up by Wi-Fi

There are several ways by which security can be increased and safety boosted when some improvements in technology are employed for construction site broadband solutions. And, they include: 

  • Use of wearables

Heat or gas build-up, lack of movement, and other red flags can be detected by wearables connected to the construction site Wi-Fi and worn by the construction site personnel because it’s pretty easy to monitor and track the environmental situations of workers at a dangerous job with wearables. 

Superiors or co-workers can be swiftly alerted by the wearables when a worker gets involved in an accident and a problem can be easily detected, and there will be automatic alertness for emergency services. 

  • Localization technology

It’s very critical for one to be able to identify safety resources and locate all workers potentially impacted when an accident happens. And simply put, on-site safety can be improved when wearables, mobile devices, and localization technology merge with a construction site broadband connection. 

With this, emergency procedures can be easily accessed and followers by bystanders and accident victims will be found quickly. And, immediately after an accident, management, close-by co-workers, and supervisors could be informed by the devices connected to the Wi-Fi. 

  • Digitization of safety processes

When there are smartphones and mobile devices blending with the availability of Wi-Fi, it becomes pretty possible to oblige to fully digitized safety processes. In real-time, conflicting activities can be detected, there can be a smarter output, and productivity can be increased — all these work to bring some innovation benefits.

The management, supervisors, and co-workers can easily share and exchange information with one another, and while supervisors can easily make approvals, safety permits can as well be effortlessly acquired by workers who have completed checklists on mobile devices. 

  • Digitized security. It’s often costly to get the service of security personnel at a construction site who will be very active with their physical presence, but the interesting thing is that Wi-Fi-operated access systems and IP CCTV cameras are fine and less costly options to replace some security detail. 

Other Applications of Wi-Fi on Construction Sites

IoT equipment: You can drive efficiency and performance with these gadgets but a stable internet connection is needed. These gadgets are used in the construction industry and they’re referred to as the “Internet of Things.”

Cloud-based services: New designs and revisions can be quickly shared by both contractors and workers and this will as well facilitate flexibility at work. With cloud-based services, multiple devices can gain access to CAD software when there’s Wi-Fi. Cloud-based services can be well-enjoyed by workers and supervisors at construction sites with the connectivity and speed Wi-Fi offers. 

On-site communications: As they say, “communication is key”, this also extends to the construction site environment. Workers on-site can easily communicate with one another with their smartphones and other hand-held devices, and Wi-Fi also offers an opportunity for voice calls.