What You Need to Know About Hiring a Website Assistant

How would it feel to have your own Virtual website assistant? That’s what Pearl Lemon Outsourcing is here for! 

A Business’s Guide to Hiring a Website Assistant

Many businesses today run their operations online. You might be wrong if you believe your website is not that important to your operation. As a business, your website will make 94% of first impressions.

Websites are crucial to some businesses. This is where the majority of sales take place. Some businesses place their website secondary to their in-person experience, but a website might still be part of their funnel. Nowadays, any business that doesn’t have a website is wasting its time. Websites are more than just business cards. They’re the first thing customers see. 

It is likely that most of your customers will Google you before calling you. If your website looks professional, they are more likely to give you a call. The average visitor forms an opinion on your website in less than 0.05 seconds – and by extension, you as well.

Several issues arise here:

  • Websites aren’t your expertise. Quite the opposite. Managing the inner workings of WordPress takes too much time, and hours of experience to build a website from scratch is simply not practical for full-time business owners.
  • There isn’t enough time. It can be time-consuming to manage all of your digital marketing, social media, and content. If you cannot do it yourself, you should outsource it. Ideally, you should hire someone who has experience making engaging web presences. 
  • Graphic design isn’t your forte. It is possible that you already have a professional graphic design portfolio. However, do you have the time to translate your ideas into a website?

Many of these functions can be outsourced to a full-time or part-time website assistant. You’ll be able to have a much smoother sales funnel that ties into your entire company, not only for your website, but for your entire business as well. Below are the steps.

The Benefits of Using a Website Assistant

An online assistant that manages your website can handle all kinds of tasks related to it. Having problems creating or maintaining your own website can be quite  difficult, so you might consider hiring an expert to maintain your website may be the ideal solution to keep it in top shape without the need to spend countless hours doing it.

Here are some tasks that your website assistant can handle immediately:

  • Increasing the information on your website. In some cases, 50% of your website visitors will examine your products and services first. If your products and services interest people, you are likely to succeed. If your website does not have enough information, people will look at your competitors’ websites until they find one that is informative enough for them.
  • Setting up an appointment and consulting. For service-based businesses who rely on website leads, a website assistant can make the process of lead generation much easier. They may be able to schedule a phone consultation using your calendar easily, for example, based on people who fill out your “book a consultation” form.
  • Support for customers. Your website should provide a way for customers to contact you when they have an issue. As the head of the company, you won’t always have time or energy to devote to customer support since you will be focusing more on other things like digital marketing. 
  • Bringing you the latest news and developments. Keeping your customers informed is probably important to your business. These days, business newsletters aren’t required to be printed.