Durability Review Of iPhone 11 – Most Durable iPhone ever so far?

Durability review of Iphone 11
Durability review of Iphone 11

With all the Apple fans being so excited about the new release of Apple’s newest iPhone 11, we at geeksaroundglobe thought to do a little investigation on the durability of it.

During its iPhone eleven launch event earlier this month, Apple has placed a great deal of stress on the devices’ enhanced durability.

Toughest Glass Ever?

Apple claims that the new iPhone glass is the toughest glass that’s ever used in a smartphone All 3 phones — the iPhone11, 11 Pro, and also 11promax, have IP68 water and dust-resistance rating (though the pro models will stand up to being submerged in deeper water than the 11). and all 3 use a brand new, custom-designed glass from Corning, the company that produces Gorilla Glass.

It’s still Glass so don’t expect miracles with your iphone11

How Far Can it Dive?

According to SquareTrade the new iPhone 11 can get damaged even by a depth of 5m water. They dropped the phone 5m below the surface and found out that it underwent Audio damages to the phone

What if you drop your iPhone 11 on concrete?

Gizmoslip guys performed a drop test on the new iPhone and they thought to drop it on the concrete. However, unlike previous iPhone models, The new model survived well during this drop test. To crack the glass they had to drop the phone more than 5 times from various angles.

Iphone can withstand Fire, Razor Blade, and Flexing!

During the check, JerryRigEverything notes that the stainless-steel edges on the iPhone eleven pro still be much more sturdy than aluminium, like what’s found on the iPhone eleven.

As for the new glass back with a matte finish, the iPhone eleven pro holds up quite well. within the check, JerryRigEverything uses a razor that’s five.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness – the glass back itself may be a6on that scale.

Essentially, the print surface of the iPhone eleven pro glass is “microscopically rough.” this implies the glass back itself pulls small chunks off of softer materials, instead of the opposite method around. This leaves marks on the rear of the iPhone eleven pro, however, all of them disappear since the marks square measure simply leftover items of the opposite materials, instead of of the iPhone itself.

The triple camera array on the rear is protected by a scratch-resistant material that’sable to hold its ground against scuffs and scratches. As we have a tendency to saw during a separate drop check video, however, the cameras themselves aren’t proof against breaking because of drops.

How well will the show on the iPhone eleven pro max hindrance against fire? within the JerryRigEverything check, the show could be exposed to fireside for sixty seconds with none harm, aside from the oleophobic coating melting away. Last however not least, as for a bending check, JerryRigEverything says there’s “no flex” after you attempt to bend the iPhone eleven pro max.

When Apple declared the iPhone eleven pro, it touted improved sturdiness with a stronger glass and higher water-resistance. It appears that in several areas, the iPhone eleven pro lives up to those claims. Watch the total JerryRigEverything video below for all of the main points.