Graphic Recording is a must today in current times. However, before you make a decision for hiring the best graphic recorder, let us understand

What is Graphic Recording?

Graphic Recording is the process by which presentations or conversations into real-time text and pictures. This is extremely helpful in meetings or conferences as it helps people to understand and absorb things quickly.

With a proper graphic recorder, you will be able to get a visual picture of the different key elements that have been shared and portrayed in an event.

Since you now know, the definition of a graphic recorder let us understand

Benefits of a Graphic Recording

  • Enhances Engagement and Memory Retention

A proper graphic recorder in a presentation leads to an increase in memory retention and enhances engagement for the audience. According to popular research, it has been found that people tend to remember information when it is presented via visuals rather than just text.

  • Collaboration and Deeper Engagement

A skilled graphic recorder can comprehend and break down the contributions of a group in a strategy session in the form of visual representation. By doing so, it promotes collaboration as well as deeper engagement by creating a holistic vision.

  • Aids in Branding and Marketing

A proper graphic recording also helps in branding and marketing. This helps participants in a meeting to put out their voices which get illustrated, thereby capturing insights.

What type of Medium do Graphic Recorders Use?

Graphic Recording is generally of two types

  1. Traditional or Paper Graphic Recording

Graphic Recording, when done on a paper or foam core, can be displayed on a gallery or any type of event. With a graphic recording done on paper once the meeting or conference gets over, all the ideas are inscribed so that the ideas live on.

  1. Digital Graphic Recording

In most organizations, a digital graphic recorder is generally preferred as it provides an alternative to paper and pen mode. A digital graphic recorder creates professional visuals which can be projected in different meetings or conferences.

Since now you understand about Graphic Recording, let us make you understand a little more about

What is a Graphic Recorder?

A graphic recorder is someone who is experienced, possesses multi-tasking abilities and is a solver of visual problems. A proper graphic recorder possesses in-depth knowledge about different types of industries, cultures and behavioral psychologies as well as possess creative and design thinking concepts.

Summing Up

We are hopeful that you have been able to understand the term graphic recording and how it is beneficial for a business. 

Before you choose a graphic recorder, we would suggest you carefully compare the functions and service charges of different graphic recorders and accordingly arrive at a solution as it is a significantly important decision for your business. 

Hire the best graphic recorder out there and help your employees as well as stakeholders, engage actively in your conference and meetings with proper visual insights and data.

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