Image to Text Conversions What Are Best Online Image Text Extractors

The conversion from image to text becomes crucial for several aspects. Thanks to image text extractors that play immensely important in this process, functions for turning textual data embedded in images into actionable text formats. In this informative context, we shortlisted a few best images to text converters that are known for their ease of use, accessibility, accuracy, and versatility.

Why Convert Image to Text?

Conversion from images to text files holds immense value for certain reasons. First of all, this text-based extraction enables digitization of printed or handwritten content, swiftly enhancing accessibility and facilitating efficient storage and data retrieval. The image to text conversion process is crucial to archive documents, create searchable databases, and even entirely ensures long-term preservation of information. In addition to that, photo text conversion via OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology assists in making visual content accessible for individuals with visual impairment by offering text to speech capabilities.

Additionally, image to text extraction directly streamlines the data entry processes, assists fro seamless integration of visual information into digital workflows. Straight-forwardly, transformation from images to text not only enhances the accessibility, but even also makes contribution to data organization, inclduing in a digital landscape, and retrieval efficiency.

Google Cloud Vision API:

Google Cloud Vision API works as a powerful image text extractor that is developed by Google System’s.

  • Just access the Google Cloud Console, then enable the Cloud Vision API
  • Once done, simply upload (import) your image file for processing text recognition
  • Retain cutting-edge machine learning algorithms from Google’s, this source offers high accurate extracted text

Microsoft Azure Computer Vision:

This is another full-fledged source that entertains you people with robust photo text extraction capabilities.

  • To start, move to the Azure portal, and just create a Computer Vision resource. Right after that, upload you image that contain text
  • Leverage the given Azure’s advanced OCR process for precise text-based extraction

ABBYY FineReader Online:

It is one of the best and easiest to navigate Online OCR solutions for extracting text from the existing images.

  • Navigate to the official ABBYY FineReader website, import (upload) an image file, and make a selection for the desired output format such as Word, Excel, etc
  • Experience high-quality and optimal OCR results with support for multiple languages


OnlineOCR is indicated as the most convenient web-based image to text converter that comes with easy to navigate image to text conversion.

  • Visit the OnlineOCR website, upload (import) image, choose the target (export) file format ranges includes (txt, word, and more)
  • Enjoy a simple, but effective OCR-based solution for turing image text into actionable text formats


Cardscanner is an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) solution for scanning and recognizing the text online. Users around the internet are capable of making instant conversions from image to text without losing its formatting, even no matter what type of image you have. This text extractor needs only a couple of clicks to extract text from existing images, scanned photos, or PDFs, too.

  • Move to “” > “image to text converter” > drop the images into the designated tool-section
  • Click COnvert and enjoy the editable extracted text and also export it into desired format

Tesseract OCR:

Tesseract OCR is referred to as an open-source OCR engine that is developed by Google, it offers reliable and accurate text extraction.

  • Start with installing Tesseract OCR on your system, consider the command line for processing images, then obtain the text output
  • It is perfect choice for users who looking for a customizable and locally deployable solution


If you’re seeking a lightweight desktop tool for image text extraction without any huge manual intervention, then FreeOCR is the best option.

  • Download FreeOCR and install it, open your image file that contains text, and simply hit the given OCR button
  • With this, fetch the benefit from a straightforward interface and efficient text-based recognition

This is one of the best user-friendly online OCR services that is known due to its simplicity and accuracy.

  • Visit the official website, add (upload) the image file, and make the selection for the output (export) format
  • Get the newly extracted text with certain options for the ease of further processing


i2OCR is indicated as a versatile tool that is mainly designed to make image to text extraction by focusing on accuracy.

  • Navigate to the i2OCR website, import (add) your image file, and choose the desired output format
  • Once done, attain the precise text results, this is perfect source for people with minimal technical expertise


Get this web-based OCR (Optical Character Recognition) platform that indulges with a reliable image to text conversions.

  • Just visit to the NewOCR source, add your image file and let this web-based source initiate the OCR text recognition process
  • Navigate with its clear interface and get the extracted text for swift downloading

Convertio OCR:

Convertio serves you perfectly regarding different file types, even though it comes with advanced OCR processing capabilities for swift image text extraction.

  • Fetch Convertio OCR web-source, drop or upload image, and then choose the desired output format
  • Experience a versatile solution regarding image text extraction with supports of various image formats

Choosing the Right Tool:

Consider Accuracy and Language Support:

Assess the accuracy of the OCR-dependent tool, especially if your photos are packed with complex or multilingual text.

Ease of Use:

Always opt for the image to text conversion tools that come with user-friendly interface, specially if you;re seeking for a swift and uncomplicated solution.

Output Format Options:

Make a selection for the tool that entertains you with a variety of output formats (txt, word, excel etc) to suit your specific requirements.

Integration Capabilities:

It’s important to explore the tools that seamlessly make integration with other applications or programs if you people require a streamlined workflow.


Image to text converters have become indispensable tools for all businesses and individuals. Dpicted as the one of the super-fast solutions for unlocking the wealth of information that is hidden within the images. No matter what reason you have behind turning image to text, the market offers a diverse array of OCR-based options that caters to different user preferences and requirements. The above-context leveraging the top-notch image text converters, using them users can swiftly change visual content into actionable and searchable text. These tools can be taken into account for analyzing, editing, and utilizing the information packed within the images, screenshots, or scanned documents.

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